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Understand your product

Research product can identify and understand the actual needs of potential customers or the market. The information collected will provide you valuable lessons in the process of creating new products and developing existing ones.

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Get knowledge about your products

The research product is a great opportunity to reach a wide group of potential consumers and customers. These studies make it possible to gather important response - if your product or service meets the expectations of potential customers and corresponds to the price and value.

Create a research product via the Startquestion Platform

Using our platform you can create a test product and distribute it to a group of potential customers using shipping on email or integrating with external systems (eg. Shipping via SMS). Contact us to learn how to effectively conduct a study panel on our platform, our consultants will help you create a questionnaire and carry out the process of acquiring the panelists for testing.

Product Research
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  • Easy to Use

    Our platform is extremely easy to use. Simple form creation, convenient settings, clear data analysis and revolutionary reports system

  • Aesthetics

    No one likes to fill boring forms. We make sure that the questionnaires are beautiful and extremely interactive. As a result, they are filled more often.

  • Support

    Our specialists will advise you in every aspect - from basic settings to technical matters. For VIP customers we prepare studies from scratch.

  • Security

    We take it very seriously so you can calmly take care of your study. That's why we are chosen by government agencies, banks, medical centers and many other global companies.

  • Innovations

    Our platform is continually expanding its capabilities. We also care about acquiring the latest knowledge and certifications in the areas of the survey.


We will build your brand with you

The VIP offer is the best package available on our Platform. It covers a number of services designed specifically for the most demanding customers. We also deliver customized solutions.

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