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Employee Evaluation Form

  • 1. What is your full name? *

  • 2. What is the employee's first name? *

  • 3. What is [ANS_2]'s last name? *

  • 4. What is [ANS_1]'s job level in the company? *

  • 5. What is [ANS_2]'s job title? *

  • 6. In which department does [ANS_2] work?

    You can give only one answer.
  • Job Performance

    Consider the extent to which you agree or disagree with each statement and select the rating that best describes bn's performance. Take your time to respond as thoughtfully as you can.
  • 7. Quality of Work *

    [ANS_2]'s work is completed thoroughly and with care, correctly following established HR processes and procedures. Required paperwork is thorough and neat.
    You can give only one answer.
  • 8. Job Knowledge *

    [ANS_2]'s has a full understanding of HR's role and responsibilities in the company, and is able to undertake daily activities without supervision.
    You can give only one answer.
  • 9. Communication Skills *

    [ANS_2]'s is able to communicate consistently well with other people within the company. [ANS_2]'s intents and purposes are always clear, concise and understood.
    You can give only one answer.
  • 10. Productivity *

    [ANS_2]'s consistently delivers a high quality of work to agreed timeframes and specifications. [ANS_2] rarely, if ever, misses a deadline or delays a project due to lack of timekeeping.
    You can give only one answer.
  • 11. Management Ability

    [ANS_2]'s is comfortable and confident when managing others. Those under [ANS_2]'s supervision are working to a high standard and as part of a cohesive team.

    If bn has no current managerial responsibilities, please skip this question.
    You can give only one answer.
  • 12. To what extent did bn meet the individual goals set in the last Employee Performance Review? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 13. What performance goals have you defined with [ANS_2] for the coming evaluation period? *

    Also outline how you will guide and assist [ANS_2] in the accomplishment of these goals and how they align with the high level objectives of the HR department.
  • 14. How would you rate [ANS_2]'s overall job performance? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 15. What are [ANS_2]'s strongest points? *

  • 16. What are [ANS_2]'s weakest points? *

    Make sure to describe how [ANS_2] can improve and be more effective at work, as well as any professional development needs that should be met.
  • 17. Do you have any final comments you would like to raise?



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