Problem-free integration

  • Study automation combined with CRM

    If you want to study NPS, run the Voice of Customer program - a satisfaction analysis on each of the steps of customers' contact with the company - then automation of the surveying process is the solution for you. We can configure an automatic dispatch of surveys to your clients, after a particular event (e.g. a phone call to Customer Support Center or making a purchase), directly after the occurrence or periodically, e.g. every week. We can download the data uploaded to a server or provide a script through which your IT department will automate the process. You can later combine collected survey data with client data from your CRM, in order to enrich quantitative data with declarative data.

  • Startquestion API

    Use API in order to expand the possibilities of your software solutions with the features provided by Startquestion. Thanks to JSON interface, access the resources available on your account. Automatize creating custom survey links and result downloading to display them e.g. in your closed systems such as the Internet customer support panel or Intranet.

  • Integration with Google Analytics

    Google Analytics will tell you what is happening on your website. Startquestion can tell you, why. Send your survey and widget answers to your GA profile in order to correctly segment and better understand your users.

  • Integration with Web panels

    Thanks to Startquestion cooperation with the leading Internet panels, you can delegate to us acquiring a proper research group that will quickly complete your survey, providing you with valuable tips regarding development of your product or offer. In addition, we can introduce the survey into the system for you, optimize it, and provide you with a ready report after the study is finished.

  • Integration with SALESmanago

    Integrate Startquestion with marketing automation SALESmanago system in order to better understand customers' preferences, collect their opinions and remarks, as well as expand your contact base. Connect person's behavior during the visit on the website with the information left by them in the survey. Using this information in marketing automation will allow you to, e.g., better target conducted communication or more accurately match the product or promotional offers.

  • Easy dispatch of invitations via newsletter platforms

    If possibility of sending survey invitations via our tools are insufficient for you, and you are using other dedicated mailing and newsletter systems (like Freshmail, GetResponse, or SARE), we will make this job easy for you. Simply export the file with survey links and import it to your dispatching platform, and everyone will receive a customized invitation. The entire process is trivial and takes just a few minutes.

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