Understand your website users

Analytics data won't tell you why users act in certain way, what is their motivation, why they don't convert. You can only know this, by asking them.

Ask users in the right context

Launch your survey at key steps of user journey and collect real time feedback about actions users are performing.

Connect results with your data

Send survey data to internal applications, so you can get 360 view of customer satisfaction. Use this information to better prioritize actions and projects.

Make better decision based on solid data

  • Who are your users?
  • What users think about your website?
  • Why users don't convert?
  • Why users don't sign up?
  • How is your offer perceived?
  • What features are missing?
  • How is your customer service rated?

Startquestion gives you full control over website surveys

Personalize design of your survey

Choose color theme and survey appearance based on your brand. Decide when to show your survey: immediately, after scrolling, after some time on the website or on exit intent.

One code to rule them all

Creating and starting your survey will just take few minutes.
You install survey code once and then you run all your research from Startquestion panel.

Target surveys precisely

Website surveys can be targeted based on user behavior or attributes. You can create logic eg. depending on NPS results, services they use or plan.

Integrate with your stack

User feedback can be send automatically to your CRM, Google Analytics or shared via Slack. Just configure it once and let automation do the rest.

What our users say

Startquestion allowed us to guarantee the anonymity of the survey. The ability to automatically send reminders to complete the survey helped us in collecting the results - without them we would certainly not have achieved such a high response rate.

Sebastian Srebnicki
Project Manager @ innogy

The feedback that comes from surveys placed directly on the website is much more refined and specific. We’re asking the users about the experience here and now, so they remember it perfectly and are willing to leave extensive comments about it.

Krzysztof Gabruk
Customer Experience Chapter Leader @ Santander Bank

We knew that the key to the success of the Voice of Customer project is the integration of the company's internal systems with the online research software.
We choose Startquestion as the research tool and the first experiences turned out to be so encouraging that Medicover decided to transfer all the conducted research to this platform.

Beata Dąbrowska
Medicover Poland

In Startquestion I found what I later strived for while developing my company - on the one hand, taking care of solid and safe technological foundations, and on the other, listening to the needs, engaging customers in product development and focusing on solving problems.

Paweł Owczarek
FRIS Creator, Managing Partner

Do you have any questions about website surveys?

The implementation of the survey on the website is simple. You just need to paste the survey code into the code of your website. You implement the code only once and it is assigned to your account, so no matter how many surveys you plan to put on the website, you won't have to paste the code again.

After pasting the code on the website, you can freely manage the survey from the level of your Startquestion account. This means that you can, for example, change the settings, display rules, appearance or content of the survey, without the need to involve the IT team, and the changes will be immediately visible on the website.

Yes. It’s your decision where and when the survey will be displayed. Thanks to this You can be sure the survey will be as easy to complete as possible for the user and it will bring you exactly the data you need. Therefore, in Startquestion, in the widget settings, you can easily decide, about issues related to:

  • user behavior (e.g. capping - number of poll views per user, display on mobile devices, survey "following" the user when trying to close, etc.)
  • the appearance of the survey (size - colors, font, location on the page, distance from the edge of the page, type of questions used, etc.)

We explain how to change these settings for your survey in a few clicks in a detailed instruction in our user guide.

Yes - there are no restrictions on that, which means that the survey can be displayed on as many websites and tabs as you want. In our article about the rules for displaying surveys on a website, we explain that displaying a questionnaire on a selected page or pages is one of the rules that you can set yourself when creating a survey. You set the rules directly in your Startquestion user account:

So all you have to do is select the rule "The URL of the page includes", and the widget will appear only if the URL of the page or pages you are viewing contains the selected phrase. Thanks to this, you will display the survey, e.g. on all subpages of your online store from the sport category (url / sport) and collect feedback specifically from people interested in this category.

The advantage of conducting research in Startquestion is the ability to transfer results to programs that your company already uses - including corporate CRMs. You only need to configure the flow of this information once, and then it will be delivered to you and your employees automatically.

How to do it? In a nutshell, on your Startquestion account you have to create an alert, i.e. a notification that will transfer your CRM system fillings using a webhook. It may sound complicated, but in reality everyone can handle this task, because our experts have prepared detailed instructions on how to send an alert via webhook: https://userguide.startquestion.com/alerts-after-completions-in-accordance-with-the-filter/

If you have additional questions, please contact our support department - we will be happy to help.

Easy to use, enterprise grade survey tool to collect user feedback from websites

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