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Business Competitive Advantage Survey

Is your website user-friendly and effective in attracting new customers? The Website Feedback Survey will help you find the answer to these questions.

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What about positive feedback? Critical information serves to eliminate errors and improve user satisfaction. It is equally important as it allows for the identification of the brand’s competitive advantage.

What is a competitive advantage, and how to measure it?

A competitive advantage is something that distinguishes your company from the competition. It is a value for customers that makes them remain loyal to the brand, even when they can buy a similar product or service cheaper. How do we measure the competitive advantage? One of the ways is a competitive advantage survey, where you can ask the customers themselves about it.

Competitive Advantage Pop-up – questions

With the help of a simple pop-up survey on the website, you can find out what customers value most in contact with your brand and what distinguishes you from the competition’s offer.

It is worth starting the competitive advantage survey with a direct question: What, in your opinion, distinguishes us from the competition? Here are some tips on what a competitive advantage survey should look like and what to include:

  • Leave the client to choose more than one answer (ask multiple choice questions)
  • List various contact areas between the client and the brand, e.g., service quality, user experience, appearance, and affordable price.
  • Leave space for another distinguishing feature or ask additional questions, like: Do you want to add something else? We’d love to know more!

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