Survey Templates for Business & Marketing Teams

Research the market of your services using online surveys. Find out how to improve your marketing activities.

Surveys relating to business and marketing are a great way to get information from existing and potential customers about the further development of your organization. Check out the free online survey templates below and start creating a survey in our simple survey software.

Examples of Business & Marketing Surveys

By using ready-made online surveys that we have prepared for you, you can now:

  • Acquiring future customers (lead generation)
  • Find out if your brand is well known
  • Make it easier for potential customers to contact the sale
  • Verify the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Get to know the opinions of the participants of your webinars

And many more!

Choose a Business & Marketing Survey Tailored to Your Needs

Business & Marketing Surveys may better help you understand your company’s products or services’ target group. With ready-made survey templates prepared by our experts, you can collect plenty of valuable information, such as:

  • Data on potential customers 

Acquiring new users is a crucial task for any organization. You can make your work easier by automating this process thanks to online surveys, such as lead generation surveys or newsletter subscription forms.

  • Knowledge about the effectiveness of advertising

Any organization, if it wants to reach new customers, must invest in advertising. But how to check if we are making the best use of the budget? How to verify the effectiveness of the chosen method of reaching potential recipients? A good solution is an advertising impact survey, which will show the point of decisions made.

  • Brand Awareness

Suppose you run a company that produces air conditioners. Do clients know about our existence? How to check the knowledge of the market about our product or service? We offer a brand awareness survey. This simple and practical study will allow you to check whether potential customers know our product.

  • Feedback from webinar participants

Webinars have become a valuable tool for marketing and sales specialists. They create a positive image of a company that is eager to share knowledge, and they also serve to acquire new leads. But is it always? Not necessarily. To check how participants perceive your webinar, ask them about the topic of the meeting, the attitude and competencies of the tutor.

  • Address details for sellers

Make it easy for potential customers to contact the sales department. Create an easy-to-complete contact form and place it on your website. Let potential customers arrange an interview or meeting with the salesperson in a form and time convenient for them.

Startquestion allows not only to collect and analyze feedback but also to prepare reports (cyclical or LIVE) and conveniently compile data so that the information obtained can bring your organization as much benefit as possible.


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