Human Resources (HR) Surveys

Online surveys for employees will allow you to check their job satisfaction and identify problems.

Employee and candidate satisfaction surveys are crucial for the healthy development of any company. Our ready-made questionnaire templates, prepared in cooperation with HR specialists, will allow you to get to know and measure the satisfaction and commitment of employees at every stage of their journey in the organization.
  • How do employees rate the company?
  • Why are they leaving?
  • What would encourage the best specialists to stay there for longer?
  • How to improve the recruitment process?
  • What influences employee engagement, and what are their motivations?

Most employees won’t tell you this outright. Anonymous online surveys will help you collect feedback invaluable for the organization’s development.

Examples of Human Resources Surveys

Check out the free online survey templates below and start creating a survey in our simple survey software.

Online surveys for HR will allow you to:

  • Maintain good relations with employees
  • Build an image of an attractive employer
  • Retain the best team members
  • Attract the most qualified candidates on the market
  • Build an attractive workplace
  • Improve communication in your daily work
  • Increase the level of employee satisfaction and commitment

Start collecting constructive feedback with ready-made online surveys!

Choose a Human Resources Survey Tailored to Your Needs

Due to the Candidate Experience, you will learn opinions on the comprehensive recruitment process. The Onboarding study will allow you to improve the first weeks and adaptation of a new employee in the organization. Pulse Check and Satisfaction Surveys (e.g., from remote work or a new office) will help to understand the morale prevailing in the team. At the same time, Knowledge Tests, Training Assessments, and 360 Degree Feedback will emphasize the need for employee development.

If you feel your specialists are thinking about changing jobs, conduct a Stay Interview to understand the motives behind their decision and what needs to be done to keep the best employees with the organization.

The honesty of Exit Interview is unmatched by any other study. Also, parting ways with staff is an excellent opportunity to get valuable feedback. 

You’ll find these survey forms and much more among the templates below. Start collecting information for your business today.


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