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Customer Exit Survey Template

Each customer’s success is your success. Therefore, understanding why clients leave is crucial. A customer exit interview can provide valuable feedback that can help businesses to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

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Reasons Why Unhappy Customers are Moving to the Competition

There are various reasons why customers might choose to leave a company and choose a competitor instead. Some common reasons include:

Negative Experience

Clients expect to be treated with respect and receive prompt and helpful service throughout their customer journey. If they feel that their needs are not being met or that they are not being listened to, they may choose to take their business elsewhere.

Product or Service Quality Issues

People want to feel that they are getting value for their money. If they feel that a product or service is not meeting their needs or expectations, most unhappy customers may choose to switch to a competitor that offers a better solution.

Pricing and Value Proposition

Customers are constantly seeking the most favorable bargain, and if they perceive that a rival is presenting a more desirable price or value proposition, they might decide to change their allegiance.

Brand Reputation

If a company’s brand reputation is tarnished by negative publicity or a poor track record, customers may lose trust in the company and move to a competitor that has a better reputation.

Lack of Positive Changes

Customers want to see that a company is continuously improving and innovating its products and services. If a company fails to keep up with the latest trends or technology, customers may search for better product market fit or other software that is more innovative.

By understanding why clients are leaving and choosing competitors, companies can improve their offerings and CX and ultimately grow their business by attracting future customers.

How to collect such actionable insights? Conduct customer exit interviews.

What is the Customer Exit Survey?

Customer exit surveys is a type of research that aims to understand why clients (users) are leaving or ending their relationship with a particular company. Businesses collect feedback from customers who have recently canceled a subscription, stopped purchasing products, or ended their contract with the company.

Customer cancellation surveys generally inquire about their interaction with the business, such as the caliber of the product or service, customer support, pricing, or overall contentment. The survey’s objective is to pinpoint the fundamental reasons for customer attrition and collect feedback that can be utilized to enhance the company’s product offerings, customer service, or overall experience.

Conducting customer exit interviews and analyzing the results, businesses can gain valuable insights into what needs to be improved in order to retain customers and improve customer satisfaction. This can help businesses to make data-driven decisions that can ultimately lead to increased customer loyalty and long-term growth.

Customer Exit Survey Process Explained Step by Step

Every customer exit process, like every professional CX survey, should be properly structured and well-planed. Here are some steps to follow to gather feedback and reduce customer churn.

Determine the Goal of the Survey

Before starting the survey, it is important to determine the specific goal of the survey. What information do you want to gather? What do you hope to learn from the survey results? This will help to ensure that the survey is focused and effective.

Identify the Target Audience

Determine which customers you want to survey. This could include customers who have recently canceled their subscription or ended their contract with your company.

Choose a Survey Method

There are several methods for conducting a customer exit survey, including email, phone, or online surveys. Choose a method that is convenient and accessible for your target audience.

Develop the Survey Questions

Develop a list of customer exit survey questions that will help you to achieve your goal. Ask open-ended questions that encourage customers to provide detailed feedback, and avoid leading or biased questions.

Test the Survey

Before sending the survey to customers, test it with a small group of people to ensure that it is easy to understand and that the questions are clear and concise.

Send the Survey

Send the survey to your target audience using the chosen method, and provide clear instructions on how to complete it. Be sure to thank customers for their feedback and assure them that their responses will be kept confidential.

Analyze the Results

Once the survey responses are collected, analyze the results to identify common themes and trends. Use this honest feedback to make data-driven decisions about how to improve your offerings and customer experience.

Take Action

Share the survey results with relevant stakeholders within your company and take action on the feedback received. This could include making changes to your products or services, improving customer service, or adjusting your pricing strategy.

Client Exit Interview Questions

Before preparing your first questionnaire, see our customer exit survey examples. They can inspire you to create your research.

  • What is the main reason you are leaving our brand?
  • What exactly influenced your decision?
  • Have you reported your concerns to the customer service?
  • Has the customer service taken corrective actions? If so, why were they not satisfactory?
  • What actions would we have to take to encourage you to stay with our brand?
  • If we took corrective actions quickly, would you remain our customer?
  • Do you have any comments/ideas about what we can do to become a more attractive brand in the eyes of customers?

Conduct exit interviews to retain clients and grow your business.

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