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All-in-One Research Platform

Our tool offers flexibility, allowing researchers to adapt it to different use cases, ensuring efficient data collection and analysis.

Seamless Progress Tracking & Reporting

Stay on top of your research progress with ease. Simplify progress updates and report sharing. Ensure effective communication and collaboration within org.

Time and Cost Savings

Complete your projects faster and cheaper than through a research agency. Maintain greater control over the research process, achieving efficient results.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Derive valuable insights from collected data using our advanced analysis features. Make evidence-based decisions and improve the quality of your research outcomes.

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Capterra Reviews, 2023

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Among the possibilities the Startquestion software offers, we appreciate the most easily creating conditional questions, placing surveys in the company domain, and adjusting the layout to our specific needs. The ability to create subaccounts enables multiple experts to collaborate with ease and view research results simultaneously, greatly simplifying our research process.

Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland

Unleash Your Research Potential with Our Features

Flexible Tool for Diverse Research Needs

Startquestion offers researchers the flexibility to adapt it to various research scenarios. Whether it’s scientific research, data analysis, or experiment design, you can customize the tool to suit the specific needs of your org and achieve desired outcomes efficiently.

Easy Progress Updates and Report Sharing

Keeping everyone informed about your research progress and sharing reports should be easy. This tool provides a streamlined way to track your results, update data, and present your findings clearly and understandably.

Faster and Cost-Effective Project Execution with Full Control

Our tool allows you to execute your projects faster and more cost-effectively than traditional research agencies. Take complete control over the entire process, make independent decisions, and customize the research according to your preferences at each stage.

Complete Data Safety Throughout Your Research

At Startquestion, we prioritize the safety of your data in all research activities. We understand the importance of data protection and comply with the GDPR to safeguard your information. Our support team is available to address any concerns or issues related to research, ensuring that your data remains secure throughout the process.

Customer Reviews: Discover the Impact of Startquestion for Your Success

The key to the success of the Voice of Customer project is integrating the client’s internal systems with the online research software. The first experience with this survey software was so encouraging that Medicover Poland decided to transfer all the conducted research to the Startquestion platform.


Beata Dąbrowska

Coordinator of Market Research and Analysis at Medicover Poland

Thanks to the data collected and analyzed on Startquestion, I found the best way to develop my company. Customer research provided us with data proving that taking care of a solid and safe technological foundation, listening to the needs, engaging customers in product development, and focusing on solving problems are the best ways to achieve our goals.

Paweł Owczarek

Paweł Owczarek

Author of the FRIS Product, Managing Partner

We use Startquestion surveys to collect satisfaction metrics such as Net Promoter Score, measure our processes’ ease of use, and conduct UX research. The collected data allows us to set priorities for changes. At this point, it fully meets our needs, and what’s more – we are trying out more advanced applications, such as an integration with the transaction system. We recommend Startquestion as a user-friendly and flexible tool.


Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland

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