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Easy to use tool tailored for different needs

This is the solution for you if you want to:

  • you want to create surveys by yourself,
  • you care about the intuitive use of the tool,
  • you want to know opinions quickly,
  • you are looking for a tool that will facilitate the analysis and reporting of results.
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Other researches

Startquestion offers, among others:

  • ready survey templates,
  • support at every stage of the study,
  • basic analysis of the results,
  • automatic report generation,
  • the ability to personalize surveys to suit your needs.

The most common researches:

  • surveys of residents' opinions about EU budget,
  • pre-election polls,
  • surveys for thesis,
  • survey of the quality of education in an educational institution,
  • research for science and education,
  • customer satisfaction surveys,
  • customer loyalty and engagement surveys
  • knowledge tests,
  • voting
  • registration for training.

Who do we address this solution to:

  • individuals (students and others),
  • small companies, universities,
  • foundations and associations,
  • local government units,
  • non-governmental organizations.
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