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Learn the real reasons why employees leave. Conduct an Exit Interview, quickly draw conclusions with analytical tools and generate reports to help retain the most talented people in your company.

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Discover the benefits of conducting Exit Interview

Finding out the reasons for leaving

More and more employees terminate? Find out what's behind this before your top teammates move to the competition.

Improving employer branding

Take care of Employer Branding and prevent your company from being presented in a negative light on employee forums and candidate portals.

Learning about the competition’s offer

In the Exit Interview, you can ask a question about a new job. Thanks to the confidentiality guarantee, the former employee can tell you what conditions the competition offers and why they are better than yours.

Understanding how to retain employees

Getting a new employee is much more expensive than keeping valuable team members. Find out if the company is trying to keep the best or allow them to leave without trying to negotiate.

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After many recommendations, we tested Startquestion, which turned out to be easy to use and flexible survey software. We appreciate the customer support team’s high quality, reaction time, and patience. Startquestion helps us in many feedback-related use cases, and we see more users and departments actively using it for their purposes.

Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland

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Startquestion features useful in conducting Exit Interview

Design your survey template

Ready-to-use and personalized template

We know time is a priceless resource. That is why, in cooperation with specialists from the HR industry, we have prepared intuitive and easy-to-complete templates for employee satisfaction surveys.

Ready-made patterns can be easily personalized – take care of the appropriate graphic design, and if the employees agree to open research, make a personal invitation.

Anonymity guarantee for the employee

Openly criticizing supervisors may raise staff concerns. Reassure your employees that the survey is safe and anonymous and that honest feedback is the most important thing for you.

Automated survey delivery

Set up survey delivery once and collect feedback from employees regularly. Choose the most convenient form of distribution of the survey to the capabilities of the staff (e-mail, link, SMS, QR code, questionnaire on the website).

Cooperation between HR and other departments

Create surveys and share the results with the team of HR specialists. Set up an alert that will notify the appropriate people of a crisis requiring urgent intervention.

Cyclical reports & live results

With Startquestion, you can easily share your research results. Anyone with a link to the LIVE report can follow the incoming results in real-time. You can also quickly download an aesthetic and graphically rich research report in a convenient format (DOCX, PDF, etc.) or set up a cyclical shipment to the managers concerned by the opinion.

Advanced analysis in a few clicks

Analyze the collected feedback in-depth to have a tangible impact on employee satisfaction and commitment. With analytical tools, you can, for example, filter the results by the employee’s department, seniority, position, etc. You can also create rankings with one click and track changes in employee satisfaction over time.

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