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Two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies use NPS. Don’t fall behind – use the world’s most popular customer loyalty measurement method. Try our ready-made template, quickly send the survey to customers, and we will calculate the NPS result for you.

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Discover the benefits of the Net Promoter Score

Compass showing the direction

NPS simplifies our complicated reality to one number and adequately tracked is a compass for the development of your company. The NPS will show you which way to go and allow you to compare yourself today to yourself from the past. Thanks to this, you know whether your brand is gaining or losing in customers' eyes.

A score and explanation in one number

One NPS question will only tell you what customer sentiment is, but not what is causing it. Therefore, in NPS surveys, an additional question is asked about the reason, thanks to which even the promoter can say what needs improvement.

Turn detractors into promoters

It is much more likely that the customer will remain loyal to your brand if you quickly fix their unpleasant experience (which they will write about in the survey) than if they did not experience anything complicated in contact with your brand. This phenomenon is Service Recovery Paradox.

Make the most of your fans’ potential

Invite your promoters to support your brand. If customers evaluate you very well, ask them to leave a comment about the brand on Google Maps, Opineo, TripAdvisor, etc. Customers will be happy to do so because they appreciate your products and services, and you will gain tools to attract more loyal customers.

Startquestion features useful in conducting NPS study

“Dripping” Survey Shipping

In the NPS survey, companies want to contact every customer who devotes the time to your survey to build a relationship with them.

It is where “dripping” survey invitations come in handy. Startquestion will send invitations to 1% of your customer base every day for 100 days. Thanks to this, you will monitor the Customer’s Pulse and have the comfort of repairing the unpleasant experiences of a critic, building a relationship with a passive customer and thanking the promoters for high notes.

Customizable Survey Content

With Startquestion, you can ask other in-depth questions to different groups. You can ask the critics what unpleasant experiences made them judge you so low, and the promoters, how did you deserve such high marks?

You will use the voice of critics to improve processes and the voice of promoters as ready-made marketing content to attract new customers.

Closing the Loop

You can easily manage the customer’s voice flow; refer to each feedback, give it status and send reminders in case no one has dealt with solving the problem yet.

Our specialists will help you configure the platform ideally to your needs and your company’s organisational structure.

Instant Response to Critical Voices

The customer’s voice must be heard throughout the organization. Startquestion will send notifications of each critical opinion to the people responsible for Customer Care.

Thanks to the integration with other platforms, Startquestion can send your client’s voice to Slack or other messengers, and due to integration with Zapier to any medium, including Microsoft Teams.

Easy Results Sharing

Create a LIVE Dashboard, thanks to which all people interested in the deeper analysis can access online results. The NPS ranking in customer segments or branches of your company attracts the most attention. The NPS trend will show all employees of your company whether you are going in the right direction.

And all this immediately after the customer completes the survey.

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