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NPS Survey Template

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a world-renowned methodology and one of the best business tools for researching customer loyalty. You will draw remarkably valuable conclusions with such simple to collect and valuable feedback.

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NPS Survey Question

Want to know what your product or service buyers think about your organization throughout their customer journey? Are they primarily a group of loyal enthusiasts or unhappy customers? Collect qualitative feedback with Net Promoter Score Question to get the answer.

The construction of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey is always similar, but its content depends on the industry. The power of NPS surveys is hidden within their simplicity, expressed in one question: “How possible is it that you will recommend X to a friend?”. It’s basic NPS question-wording.

It is also one of the advantages of research. They can be implemented in almost any type of business activity.

Survey Responses & NPS Survey Results

Let’s dive into theory for a moment. This popular research methodology was created by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Co., and Satmetrix in the 90s and was described in detail in a book titled “The Ultimate Question.”

Time to explain how to calculate Net Promoter Score Survey results. NPS survey templates consist of a basic question (as seen above) and a scale of answers from 0 to 10 (where 0 = I won’t recommend, and 10 = I will recommend).

Once we collect feedback, the respondents are divided into three groups based on their scores: Detractors (highly dissatisfied customers, score from 0 to 6), Neutrals (7 – 8), and Promoters (very loyal customers, 9 – 10).

The NPS indicator is calculated by subtracting the Detractors’ percentage from the Promoter’s. A positive rating (score above 0) may be considered moderately good. A score above 50 shows that your company cares for good client relations.

When Net Promoter Scores are good or bad? It… depends on the industry. Always compare your rating to your past results or competition that operates in a similar business environment.

NPS Follow Up Question

Analyze your results to understand your NPS score and the way your customers feel. Add follow up questions to your Net Promoter Score Surveys to gather pure hate, constructive criticism and positive reviews from customers.

Create a Net Promoter Score Template once, and let the conditional logic and automation tools do the job for you. With professional NPS survey software, you may display different open ended questions to detractors, neutrals, and promoters.

NPS survey Follow Up Question Examples:

Imagine you work in the hospitality industry. You want to know how guests rate the hotel and whether you can count on them returning to you or recommending the resort to family or friends.

Start with a fundamental NPS question:

How likely is it that you would recommend our hotel to a friend or colleague?

This question goes to all guests after visiting the hotel. Different scenarios will appear in the answers. Unenthusiastic customers will give low marks and promoters high.

You want to know the primary reason behind each rating. Was it poor recent interaction with hotel staff? When asked for feedback in a survey, the respondents themselves will indicate the specific customer experience.

Here are some closed-ended questions one may ask to gather qualitative feedback.

  • NPS detractor follow up

Could you please describe why you didn’t like staying at our hotel?

What can we improve so that you will rate us better?

  • NPS promoter follow up

Can you describe what distinguishes our offer from the competition?

What is the main reason why you have chosen our hotel?

Analyze data collected to observe trends and prioritize issues. Share the results with Customer Support Team, Sales Representatives, and other employees responsible for contacting the client at the specific customer touchpoint.

Do your best to strengthen customer satisfaction, and thus – customer loyalty.

Net Promoter Score Template: Values for Your Company

If you are wondering whether it is worth introducing Net Promoter Score research in your organization, here is a short list of benefits that collecting feedback with this method can bring you:

  • Net Promoter Score is like a compass showing the direction to growth
  • It’s simple, automated, and easy to analyze for the company
  • With NPS survey you can detect critics and turn them into promoters
  • Use your promoters base as the best brand ambassadors one can imagine

How Startquestion May Help You with NPS Surveys?

With professional survey software you can make your everyday tasks regarding HR research and analytics easier. Here’s just a quick review of Startquestion features you may find useful.

  • Automate your work with “dripping” survey shipping
  • Customize every ready-to-use survey template for your design & needs
  • Analyze follow up questions responses to close feedback loop
  • Set up alerts to response quickly to any alarming survey answers
  • Use live reports to share the results in your company with ease

Why Is the Net Promoter Score So Popular?

Many experts believe that the Net Promoter Score constitutes a valuable indicator of increasing profits. One of the key benefits for which companies decide to take advantage of this method is its remarkable simplicity.

“NPS supporters” argue that focusing on one simple indicator – easy to understand – results in employees becoming more focused on supporting the customer.

Even though NPS is not a remarkably detailed methodology for researching customer satisfaction, its simplicity allows companies and organizations to undertake actions here and now, to quickly improve customer experience.

NPS Survey Email Template

Last but not least.

There are different ways of distributing of NPS surveys (QR codes, SMS, email, on-site). If you want to make the task as easy as possible for your customers and increase response rate, we recommend embedding your NPS survey template in email.

In our platform, it couldn’t be any easier.

With a few clicks, you can set up your survey so that the content of the NPS question will automatically appear in the email template. Try it now for free and start collecting feedback to increase customer satisfaction & loyalty.

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