Survey Templates for Researchers

Try out demographic surveys – collect a large number of completions about the general needs or habits of large communities.

Market research, employee and customer surveys, and questionnaires used in education are only some of the popular uses of online surveys. They will also work well as a tool for performing a personality test, collecting demographic information, or feedback on a healthy lifestyle, diet, and interest in reading. Check out the free online survey templates below and start creating a survey in our simple survey software.

Demographic Survey, Big Five Test, and Other Surveys Tailored to Your Needs

Metric questions are very popular in online surveys. When we answer questions about the place of residence, education, age category, previous experience with a given brand or product, or indicate how many hours we spend watching TV or reading a good book, we fill in the demographic survey.

Demographic and social surveys make it possibly better to understand the client’s or user’s profile. They can also be a valuable tool in the hands of election campaign specialists.

Psychological questionnaires are also very popular. One such study is the Big Five Test. We can get to know our personality model by completing a questionnaire prepared by specialists.

We learn about the interpretation of the study based on such respondent’s characteristics as neuroticism, openness to experience, agreeableness, conscientiousness or extraversion. The Big Five test can be carried out using an online survey, thanks to which you can easily and quickly reach even a large group of recipients.

Other interesting online surveys at the intersection of psychology and sociology may relate to the quality of life, time devoted to sports activities, healthy eating, hours spent in front of the TV or monthly expenditure on culture and art.

You will find questionnaires for all the surveys mentioned above among our ready-to-use online surveys.


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