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The Impact of Advertising on the Consumer

Startquestion offers you a ready survey template or allows you to easily create your questionnaire to research the size and type of impact of TV or Internet advertisements on the behavior of consumers buying products or using services.

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For me, as a “heavy user” of IT tools, Startquestion allows you to achieve almost any business goal related to conducting research or online surveys. It does it safely, comfortably, and effectively.

Paweł Owczarek

Paweł Owczarek

Author of the FRIS Product, Managing Partner

The Fitness Catering team found it crucial to have a tool to automate their operations. With Startquestion, we can automate tasks such as generating reports that provide insights into the previous day’s business activities.

Paulina Rzęzawa

Director of the Fitness Catering Production Plant

As someone who has worked in marketing for years, I have encountered many survey software solutions. Still, the Startquestion platform is particularly appealing due to its affordable price and diverse research options through its user-friendly interface. Companies with clear research goals can benefit from 24/7 access to the platform.

Kamil Wójtowicz

Fitness Catering Marketing Director

It is impossible to disagree that advertisement has a massive impact on the behavior and decisions made by consumers. Companies can use Advertising Effectiveness Surveys Template, or its own form focused on insights from ads, to create the most effective marketing messages. It is also a useful tool in the hands of ad producers. On the other hand, the survey is a valuable source of information for psychologists and sociologists who study the behavior of specific groups of respondents with advertisement messages.

What are the benefits of an ad effectiveness survey? How to create a questionnaire, and what type of questions to use? How to adjust the advertising effectiveness survey template to your needs? Below you will find all answers to those and much more questions connected to how to measure ads effectiveness. We will also present a ready-to-use template and questions, thanks to which you can start collecting feedback immediately.

Benefits of Advertising Effectiveness Survey

Measuring advertising effectiveness can provide a range of benefits for businesses, including:

  1. Measuring the effect advertising has on the customers and public: An advertising effectiveness survey can help organizations determine whether their advertising campaigns are achieving their intended goals and how they look in the eyes of the target audience. By gathering feedback from target customers, your company can gain meaningful insights into how their advertising is perceived, whether it is memorable and whether it leads to increased brand awareness, engagement, or sales.
  2. Identifying areas for improvement: Good advertising effectiveness survey template can also highlight areas where ad campaigns may fall short. For example, suppose a survey indicates that target customers are confused about a product’s messaging or are not engaging with a particular ad channel. In that case, the business can use this information to make changes and improve future campaigns and advertisement effectiveness.
  3. Assessing the impact of advertising on brand perception: An advertising effectiveness survey can provide valuable insights into how customers perceive a brand before and after exposure to an advertising campaign or ad samples. This information can help businesses determine whether their advertising is visually appealing and helping to build a positive brand image or if it is having a negative impact.
  4. Measuring return on investment (ROI): Marketing teams can better understand the ROI of their advertising spend by measuring the impressions of their ads campaigns. This can help them make more informed decisions about future ad investments and optimize their advertising strategies to be more relevant and achieve the best possible results.
  5. Supporting decision-making: Advertising effectiveness research can provide companies valuable insights to inform future advertising decisions. Marketing teams and managers can collect useful data and create more effective and engaging advertising campaigns that drive better results by understanding what resonates with their target audience.

Questions to Ask in the Advertising Effectiveness Survey

As you already know, advertising effectiveness surveys aim to measure the impact and effectiveness of advertising campaigns. These surveys help companies understand how well their ads resonate with their target audience, whether it leads to increased brand awareness and engagement, and ultimately whether it drives sales. By gathering consumer feedback, your organization can identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about future advertisement investments.

To achieve all these goals, you have to ask the right questions. Here are some examples of ready-to-use questions you can use to collect customer feedback and valuable data about your ads:

  1. How often do you come across advertisement messages? (on the scale from less than once a week to more than once an hour)
  2. What type of ad do you encounter most often?
  3. Please specify which type of ad is most useful for you when making purchasing decisions.
  4. How often have you bought a product after seeing/hearing its ad?
  5. Do you like to watch/listen to ads? If so, what industry is your favorite ad for?

If you prefer to use the effectiveness survey template, read further.

Ready-To-Use Advertising Effectiveness Survey Template

Even if you know what questions you want to ask in your questionnaire, we want to make your job even easier. That’s why we prepared a ready-to-use advertising effectiveness survey template. You can send the ready survey right away to your target customers or make custom changes in the form, such as:

  • adding additional questions to get even more meaningful insights,
  • erasing the questions which are not connected to your ad or advertisement strategy,
  • change question types used in Startquestion survey template,
  • add your logo and change colors to make the survey more interesting for your audience.

Start a free account on the Startquestion platform and send your customers an advertising effectiveness survey template in minutes!