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    It is an offer for everyone. Download the unique code and place it on your website, blog, or newsletter (mailing). What do we offer? 20% on each purchase (first and subsequent), provided that you bring at least one new customer annually.

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    It is a proposition for companies and specialists in the HR or CX industry. Using your knowledge and our research experience, we will prepare educational material. Each customer that downloads it and then pays for the account will be automatically assigned to the Partner's account, and the Partner will receive a commission.

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    Who We Are?

    Startquestion is a comprehensive program for conducting online research. With the help of our platform, you can prepare any CX, HR, market research, knowledge tests, or other questionnaire. Our tool allows you to design a survey, send it automatically, collect answers in one place, provide easy analysis, and share the results with your team or stakeholders without any IT or research knowledge.

    Why Choose Startquestion?

    • Intuitive Net Promoter Score research tool

    • A solution that will improve your rankings on Google Maps

    • Pulse Check to keep your finger on the pulse of employees

    • On-site surveys (pop-ups) to measure user satisfaction

    • A world-class level customer service department

    • HR, CX research, and knowledge tests at your fingertips

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    Startquestion allows us to take better care of the high level of service for our entire network. We use it to research our products, brand image, and service. The results help us to improve the quality of customer service because we know that the success of our business depends mainly on the people. This software allows us to easily verify both what customers think about our product and how they find out about us.

    Ewa Minda-Korczak

    Marketing Manager of Telepizza Poland

    Cooperation between Startquestion and DevaGroup started in 2018. It involves barter activities that focus on conducting surveys and assessing our meetings immediately after their end. In return, Startquestion receives the event’s title of sponsor and partner for each subsequent edition.

    The cooperation between our companies brings mutual benefits, and we are very happy that our partnership has been working so well for so many years. I highly recommend the entire platform, which is intuitive, evolves with the times, and allows for new solutions. Additionally, I highly recommend contacting the support, which is always ready to help and help you solve any problem. 

    Kamil Leśniak

    Event & Marketing Manager

    I recommend the webinar from both the perspective of a business partner and a user. If you are looking for a friendly and intuitive survey tool, look no further than Startquestion. We have been cooperating for many years, and we value professionalism and instant support whenever needed.

    Iwona Ziółkowska


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