Survey report

Don’t waste time manually analyzing your data. Just focus on concluding

One-Click Reports

Now, your survey data can speak for itself. Introducing a new and improved version of PDF reports in Beta Results.
This solution does not require extensive research knowledge.
All you need to do is generate a report in the system
to present the collected data. Marketing, CX, and HR professionals can benefit from this format.

Online Reports

Create online dashboards and review real-time results with your team members. Distribute the link to colleagues. Watch trends in real-time and react when metrics behave suspiciously. This solution works especially well for CX specialists conducting continuous research.

Report Content

Decide what should be included in the report, then save versions to share with interested parties.

Conclusions and comments

Add your own comments and explanations to the charts to avoid unnecessary questions.

Scheduled sending reports

Select a report, frequency of sending and recipients, and reports will be automatically delivered by email. Do it once and watch new results while enjoying your morning coffee.

Startquestion will prepare an impressive report for you, so you would focus only on drawing conclusions

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