feature list

General characteristics

Short description of the functions

User logins

How many separate logins for creating studies is available within the purchased package.

Help on the use of the website

If you need our help we are at your disposal via email and chat. We strive to also reply to all incoming e-mail messages within several minutes of their receipt.

Any number of surveys on the account

You can carry any number of surveys within one account.

30 ready made survey templates created by experts

If you need an inspiration for your study you can use one of our survey templates and customize it to fit your needs.

Comfort of completing surveys on mobile devices

Survey are ready to be completed on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Guide and tutorial with instructions on how to use the website

At any time while working with the system, you can access the Guide where you can find descriptions of all the functionalities, as well as the step by step instructions on how to carry out a survey A to Z.

API access

API provides access to platform via JSON interface. As a result, it is possible to create external applications and solutions that integrate with your account in order to automate the processes.

White label, hiding the identity of website

It entirely hides the indication in the footer of your surveys and tests so respondents are not aware that the questionnaire has been created on an external platform.

Sending invitations to surveys form your e-mail address and mail server

In order to reduce the possibility of placing the survey invitation in spam and increase the credibility of the study, we recommend to send invitations using your own e-mail address.

Placing surveys at any WWW address.

You can place the survey at our website's domain, e.g. at, which will increase the credibility of the study and will look as an integral part of your website.

Automatic reporting of the study progress

Configure automatic recurring reports to regularly receive progress reports on your surveys directly to your e-mail address. You can also send the reports to your collaborators.

Possibility to share surveys among the account users

Cooperate with your colleagues over the same survey or pass it to your superior for acceptance. The sharing mode allows for the surveys to be shared in full edit or read-only modes.

Integration with Google Analytics

Send the survey answers to your Google Analytics profile in order to combine quantitative data provided by Google Analytics with declarative data provided by respondents in surveys, and get full knowledge regarding the visitors of your website.

Number of completions in a month

Sets the limit of surveys completed each month on the account. If you need more completions, please contact us.

Number of invitations sent in a month

Sets the limit of invitations sent vie e-mail form system each month. If you need a bigger dispatch, please contact us.

Increased level of security

If your IT or security department requires enhanced security measures when accessing data we can introduce additional requirements such as logging into the platform only from specific IP addresses, forcing logging with https protocol, saving logs, or stricter password policy with requirement to change them every 30 days and demanding the use of special characters. If you need something more, contact us.

Dedicated contract

If you need to access the platform under a separate contract and not the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the website we can enter into such an agreement including the agreement on entrusting personal data processing.

Service Level Agreement

At your request we can determine guaranteed level of service, as well as accessibility level, dedicated monitoring, guaranteed reaction times, and support or help desk available 24/7.

Integration with external systems

Are you building a custom solution? Do you want to integrate our platform with your internal systems (e.g. CRM) or external platforms? Describe your needs and we will provide you with the best solution.

Survey creation

Short description of the functions

18 types of questions

We offer the most popular types of questions: i.e. single choice or multiple choice, single choice or multiple choice matrix and open matrix, dropdown list, NPS, drag and drop, slider questions, scales, assigning points, rankings, open questions, forms, date questions, e-mail address questions, numerical questions. Each of the question has additional options allowing you to configure it according to your needs.

Templates with the most popular questions

Use the question templates as an inspiration and adjust them to your study.

Description blocks separating survey questions

In between questions you can put some text that will separate question blocks or contain instructions regarding question completion.

Adding attachments to forms

Use the survey as a form and ask respondents to add, for example, resume or contest submission.

Marking obligatory questions

Sometimes you do not need answers to all the questions or respondents do not want to give some answers. In such a case mark the question as optional.

Developing and justifying the answer

Answer 'I'm not satisfied' is not telling enough until the reasons for this dissatisfaction are known. Display developing questions if someone selects the answer you are interested in.

Division of the survey into pages

By displaying all the questions on one page you can tire your respondents. Divide the survey into pages or thematic blocks in order to increase the comfort of survey completion.

Filtering questions and page transitions

Not all questions are valid to all respondents. Use filtering questions to move respondents to subsequent pages of the survey, omitting the parts irrelevant for them.

Images, videos, sounds in the content of questions/answers

In order for your survey to by more interactive, supply it with images, sounds, or YouTube videos. You can create, for example, image questions, asking for selecting the most attractive picture.

Content editor (WYSIWYG) for advanced customization of the cotent

If the basic editing options are not enough for you, you can use the WYSIWYG editor and prepare the questions to look just as you want them to, even using HTML code.

Specifying the maximum and minimum number of selected answers

You can introduce limits and minimal numbers of selected answers so respondents can select, for example, maximum of 3 favorite brands.

Customization of the content of questions and answers, depending on the respondent

Thanks to the makro functionality, you can customize the content of surveys by supplying it with any respondent's data, you are in possession of. Put the name, surname, region, industry, or company's name.

Customization of the text on survey finish

Set the text that will appear when the survey is completed or transfer the respondent to your website.

Random displaying of questions, answers, and scales (columns).

In order not to suggest answers, set a random order of presentation. Each respondent will see the elements sorted differently.

Dependence of subsequent questions on previous answers

If you ask respondents for selecting 3 favorite brands from the pool of 10 answers, in the subsequent questions you can narrow the choice only to the 3 selected position.

Neutral answers

"I don't know" and "Not applicable" answers can disrupt the percentage results. You can decide to not count them in the summary.

Scree-out and respondent values

Set the limits for answers from respondents with specific features. If the fifty first woman from a big city would like to complete the survey, you can display a screen with the information that enough number of people with similar features has already answered the questions.

Closing the survey after reaching a set number of respondents

If you need 200 answers, your survey will automatically finish after reaching this number of completions.

Starting and finishing surveys of a specific date

If you are running, for example, contest submission, you can set the dates and hours for automatic start and finish of the questionnaire availability.

Redirecting to any URL address after completing the survey

Redirect respondents to your webpage where you can offer them bonuses for taking part in your study.

A mode for entering data from paper surveys

Set an automatic redirection to the beginning of the survey if you are are supplying the system with data from paper surveys.

Up to 100 positions (answers) in a question cafeteria

Defines the maximum number of answer variants that you can use in a question.

The maximum of 15 scales (columns) in a matrix question

Defines the maximum number of columns with scales that you can use in a matrix question

The maximum of 15 variants of answers in a slider question

Sets the maximum number of slider scales that you can use in a slider question. One slider scale is understood as a pair of extreme values between which the choice needs to be made (e.g. pretty - ugly or expensive - cheap)

Survey interface in English, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian

The system allows you to create surveys in any language, while interface instructions (e.g. Next or Send buttons) can be displayed in one of 6 languages.

Advanced rules of displaying pages in a survey

Make the displaying of thematic blocks dependent on marking or not marking specific answers in previous questions, on parameters that describe your respondents, or on parameters of the survey link. If you are asking about car manufacturers from the cafeteria of 10 positions, you can ask developed questions regarding only those manufacturers marked by respondents. If you are sending te survey to managers and experts, direct part of the questions only to managers. You can create rules from more than 1 condition and make combinations according to your needs.

The look of the survey

Short description of the functions

Custom logo/header in a questionnaire

Insert logo of your company or brand's emblem in order to increase the credibility in respondents, and to enhance the aesthetics of the questionnaire. If you have logos of your partners, place them in the header beside your logo.

Custom color scheme of the questionnaire

Match the colors of the sheet to the color scheme of your company, brand, or a website. Beside background, questions, or answers, you can also change colors of such little things as borders and shadows.

The library of ready skin templates

Use beautiful graphical templates prepared by our Photoshop master.

Custom CSS sheets

If the features of our tool for creating skins are insufficient for you, upload your custom CSS sheet. CSS allows you to virtually recreate the style of your website in the survey.

Invitation distribution to e-mail addresses

Short description of the functions

Advanced system for e-mail distribution of invitations.

Dispatch survey invitations using our mechanism. Import respondents, prepare the content and layout of the message, and track the progress of the study by reviewing the dispatch statistics.

Automatic sending of invitations, after e-mail contact

eg: satisfaction survey after contact with the customer service department

Respondent identification using unique tokens

Send survey invitations including unique tokens, in order to be sure that each respondent completes the survey only once, to track the dispatch progress, or to match completions with recipients and later send appropriate reminders.

Assigning attributes to respondents for later segmentation

Assign attributes (visible only for you) to each of the respondent in order not to ask them about e.g. name and surname, and to segment later answers according to these attributes, or to customize contents of invitations or questionnaires.

Customization of invitation contents dependent on respondent

Thanks to the makro functionality you can customize the contents of survey invitations by placing in them respondents' data you possess. Place a name, surname, region, trade, or company's name.

Customization of invitations' look

Insert your own HTML template of e-mail message so the invitation meet the graphical standards of your company's newsletters.

Automatic distribution of reminders

Not all respondents will react instantly to your survey invitation. Sometimes they will postpone completing the survey and forget to come back. Sending reminders will definitely translate into number of completions.

Importing contacts/e-mails from CSV and XLSX files

Import your contact bases from xls or csv files and use those contacts to create a mailing list.

Creating and segmenting address databases for various dispatches

If you have many recipient segments and each of them should receive different survey, create appropriate contact groups for easier database management.

Effectiveness statistics for each dispatch

Find out how many of your invitations reached the recipients, how many bounced, how many recipients reacted to the invitation, and how many completed the survey.

Gradual daily dispatch to 1 percent of respondents database.

Integration with CRM systems and dispatch automation can integrate with your CRM system, allowing you to automate the process of satisfaction studying and dispatching survey invitations, e.g. after each contact of the client with your company.

Rules of the grace period of the respondents

If you perform recurring studies on your own database, define the rules that will not allow the respondent to be overwhelmed with survey invitations. The rules can be based on a number of messages sent to a given recipient or a frequency of such dispatches.

Respondents' panel

Short description of the functions

Possibility of sending survey to the respondents panel

If you need respondents for your study, we can send your survey to the members of the panel that in couple of hours will provide answers key for your business. Send us information about the target group, expected number of completions, as well as your questionnaire, and we will provide you with a separate pricing.

Gathering results and completing the survey

Short description of the functions

Protecting the surveys with a password

Protect your survey with a password in order to be sure that it will not be completed by any third parties.

Easy publication in social networks

With just on click you can place the survey link on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Goolge+ profile.

Link as QR code

Download a QR code with the link to your survey in order to place it on printed materials like receipts, business cards, or posters.

Embedding on a webpage as a popup, iframe, or banner

Place the survey on your website in order to explore satisfaction of its users, and learn about strengths and weaknesses of your site. You can enhance your website usability which will translate into increase of your business indicators.

Possibility to add your own tracking parameters to links

Thanks to the external_key parameter added to the survey, you can track the most effective sources of distribution (such as blogs, webpages, or e-mail campaigns) or combine completions with user profiles from your website.

Printing of unique tokens for offline distribution

Print out tokes (survey access codes), cut them out, and give them to survey participants if you cannot provide the individual link via e-mail messages, but you want to carry out the study taking full advantage of the token benefits.

Blocking of multiple completions from the same computer

Block multiple completions of survey from the same computer (blocking on the cookies level in browsers) preventing respondents from disturbing the results by voting or answering several times.

Measuring completion time of surveys

If you are performing an internet knowledge test, place a timer for completion time. You can also close the survey if a respondent would not complete the entire survey in the allotted time.

Measurement of time of answering questions

Find out how much time it took respondents to answer specific questions, and if some values are worryingly low eliminate those answers from your aggregated results as there is a suspicion that respondents completed them without much thought.

Ability to postpone the survey completion

If your study is long and demanding, allow respondents to complete the survey in several takes. They can stop at any time and return to completing the survey at more convenient time.

Generating confirmation code for survey completion

If you need verification if the survey has actually been completed, display a randomly generated code after the completion. Ask respondents to save it and hand it to you if, for example, you are planning on some kind of gratification for taking part in the study.

Ability to display results to respondents

Sometimes, an enough reward for respondents after completing the survey is a possibility of comparing how their answers look compared to others. Set the results as public so each respondent would be able to view the results.

E-mail notification each time the survey is completed

Set an automatic e-mail notification (the e-mail address may be yours or your collaborator) for each time when your survey is completed. Be warned, however, that for volumes of several hundreds completions a day such notifications are no longer a pleasure thing :)

Alerts with fills in accordance with the established filter

Dispatch of an e-mail message after survey completion to the respondent

Send an e-mail message to the respondent after survey completion. Place the discount code, answers given, test result, or confirmation of the event registration in the message content.

Widget for surveying websites

Short description of the functions

13 widget templates

Start right away with one of the templates prepared by our experts. We have templates for questions on the reason to abandon the shopping cart, satisfaction with the page, the ease of finding information, improvement suggestions, and many more that will give you answers regarding satisfaction with your website.

6 types of questions

Select the most popular type of questions: single choice, multiple choice, open, measuring NPS, and e-mail address question. Insert custom clarification or thank you texts.

Any number of simultaneous projects

Place as many widgets on your website as you need. There is no limit.

Logic and rules of displaying the questions

Ask questions based on previously given answers in order to deepen your knowledge.

Precise targeting rules

Define to whom and where the widget will appear. Ask questions appropriate to the place where the user is and the time spent on the website. You can set the rules and target users on the basis of the visited URL addresses, page view or visit time, or the number of visited pages.

Displaying when users leave the page

Hold the user that wants to leave your purchasing process and ask about the reasons of the decision or propose an additional discount for finishing the order.

Using widget as a survey invitation

Use the widget as an effective way of inviting to a full survey.

Use the widget as Call to action

Use the widget as Call to Action for the users who are not entirely convinced of making the purchase or performing the action that is your business goal. Redirect the user to the help section or a consultant that can propose a better offer.

Customization of color schema

Prepare a unique skin for the widget that match the color schema of your website.

Integration with CRM and SALESmanago systems

Combine the declarative data collected via widget with the data from other systems in order to improve the efficiency of segmentation and increase the chance to get to the users with a proper message.

Integration with Google Analytics

Send answers to your Google Analytics profile in order to add answers to questions "Why" to the answers to questions "What is happening on my website". This way you can create segments in order to better understand your visitors.

Instant installation

Paste the code once and forget to bother the IT anymore. Manage all the projects directly form our application.

Number of completions in a month

The limit applies to all completions made via widgets on your account. If you need to support a bigger traffic, please contact us and we will prepare you an offer tailored to your website.

Hiding footer in widget

Hide the footer in widget, so nobody would see that your are using an external solution.

Result analysis

Short description of the functions

Aggregated results presentation as figures, percentages, and charts

Review the collected results in an aggregated form with automatic calculation of percentages.

Cross tables

Create cross tables with just a few clicks.



Create your own personalized HTML, PDF, DOCX reports

Separate preview and edition of each completion

See answers of specific respondents.

Generating ready research reports as PDF or DOCX

With just one click you can generate a report containing the study summary that you can later archive or send to interested parties. By selecting export do Word file, you can add your own comments and interpretations to the results and charts.

Generating presentation with the results as PPT

With just one click you can generate a presentation containing summary of the study results and save the time needed for its tedious preparation. The presentation includes tables with summary and result charts.

Export of aggregated results and raw data to XLS or CSV

If the tools offered by the system are insufficient, you can export raw completion data (rows contain respondents, columns contain questions and answers) and perform further analyses in applications such as Excel.

Results export to SPSS (syntax and data base)

Export data to SPSS if you need advanced statistical analyses.

Segmenting results according to given answers

Filter the results by any criteria and check the answers given by women aged 25-39 or unsatisfied customers who contacted you in the last 30 days. You can save your most often used filters to significantly speed up the work on data analysis.

Filtering results according to dates and respondents attributes

Find out how the answers developed in the selected periods and if the key factors have improved since the changes have been made, e.g. in the process or the offer. Filter the data on the basis of attributes assigned to respondents, in order to produce results segmented according to your employees or clients.

Live reports

Employee assessments, knowledge tests, and quizzes

Short description of the functions

Assigning points to questions and defining correct answers

Assign points to answers in order to carry out knowledge tests, quizzes, or personality questionnaires. You can also assign negative point for incorrect answers, even though no one liked that in the college.

Displaying results to respondents after completing the questionnaire

Display test participants their results. You can show the results as points or percentage.

Defining features and point ranges for feedback

If you perform tests related to self-esteem, you can define the evaluated features and prepare descriptions for point ranges to which respondents may belong. After completion of the test, you can display e.g. strengths and weaknesses of the participant, as well as suggestions for improvement.

Displaying questions in random order

To ensure equal opportunities to all participants, display questions and pages in random order.

A draw of the pages/questions from the pool

In order to reduce the possibility of fraud, display different questions to each of the participants. For each reapondent, you can draw a different set of questions from a predetermined pool.

Setting a time limit for completing the test

Set a time limit in which respondents have to complete an entire test or a given question. When you set the limit for the entire test, when the limit is reached the test will be automatically stopped, but the given answers will be saved.

Dispatch of an e-mail message with the result to the respondent

Send an automated e-mail message to respondents after they have finished the test, where they find their score and its interpretation


Short description of the functions

Logging in with SSL encryption protocol

While logging into the system, your connection is encrypted and your login data will not be fetched by unauthorized people.

Completing surveys using SSL in the clients domain

Survey completion with SSL encryption protocol

Completion data sent by respondents are encrypted with the help of SSL protocol what prevents their interception.

Daily data backup

In case of unforeseen circumstances we make a daily backup of the data, so when needed they can be restored.

Met all the requirements of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO)

Our data collections are reported to the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) and we meet all the related security requirements. If you want, we can sign in the contract with your company, regulating the disclosure of personal data.

Additional services

Short description of the functions

Introducing the survey to the system

Delegate the introduction of your survey into the system to our experts. On the basis of your questionnaire we will choose proper question types, configure the settings, transition logic, as well as display rules, and place ready questionnaire on your account.