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Customize the survey to your needs or choose one
of 40 ready graphic templates.

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Survey design

High level of personalization of the survey design - content of questions, answers, title, progress bar, background photo, frames, buttons, messages. In addition, there are almost 40 ready graphic templates to choose from.

Your own logotype and headline

Insert the logotype of your company, brand or project into the questionnaire so that the respondents would immediately associate the received research with you and approach it with greater confidence.

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Options and question settings

Selection of mandatory questions, the order in which the answers are displayed, the minimum and maximum number of responses given, linking questions with previous choices.

Transition logic and rules for filter questions

Ask the respondent questions which are appropriate in his situation by applying filter questions. You can also display subsequent pages of the survey depending on the answers you have provided previously.

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No website name in the address and footer

Sometimes we don't want to boast of the fact that we use external solutions, so you have the opportunity to use the external domain of the survey and hide the footer of the questionnaire with information that the survey was created in the Startquestion platform.

Collect data in a simple way by sending invitations to the email or by pasting the survey onto the website.

Monitor live results of your research,
create a beautiful report with the presentation of data in one of the popular formats.

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Graphical and numerical data presentation

Data from completed surveys are aggregated automatically after they are filled out.


Answer segmentation

You can filter and segment the collected results as much you need.


Cross tables

Cross answers to two questions with each other.


View particular completions

See the presentation of the answer from a specific questionnaire, from a specific respondent.

pictures with survey results charts

Recurring reports sent to e-mail

Determine what time and who will receive the automatically generated reports with summary or progress in the conducted research. At the set time, the report will be sent in the chosen form to the designated e-mail address.


PPT, PDF, or DOCX report

Do you need a report with a summary of the study? One click and it's ready. You can send such a report to your boss or colleagues, or archive it as research documentation. If you have a meeting and want to share the results, you can generate a summary presentation.


Data export to Excel and SPSS

Export collected data to Excel or SPSS, as aggregate or raw data, if you conduct advanced analysis and want to create pivot tables or combine completions with data from other sources.


Alerts sent to an e-mail address

Thanks to alerts you will know about completions only when you want it. Alerts will allow you to send notifications about completing the survey only in specific cases.

Connect Startquestion with another tool
using our API or Webhook.

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Comprehensive solutions for teams
and departments of large companies which is tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers.

The Enterprise account allows you to:

  • creating a survey in your own domain

  • creating multiple user accounts

  • signing a dedicated contract

  • personalized account management

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