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Product Features

Design, collect, analyze, share.

  • Easy to use survey creator
  • Survey distribution via link, email or web popups
  • Advanced reporting and data analysis
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Make survey
as you want it.

With flexible personalization options you can customize survey to match your brand’s look & feel.

Use skip or display logic and dynamic attributes to ask participant only relevant and personalized questions.


Collect results in most efficient way

Send email survey invitations

Distribute survey to your email database, connect response with particular user, enrich with user attibutes and send automatic reminders to increase response rate.

Put popup survey on your website

Collect insights from visitors. Precisely target by chosing who to survey, when and on what pages.

Share survey link

Place your link on social media, discussion boards or in intranet environment. Print QR code or individual access tokens for every respondent.

Integrate with API, webhooks or Zapier

Automate your survey and send invitations based on external events or pass collected responses to your analytical or CRM software.

Find out more

Observe results in real time, act on feedback and share easily final report.

See answers in charts and tables

Survey data is automatically aggregated in real time.

Browse individual responses

See answers from each respondent seperately.

Dig deeper with cross tables

Cross questions to look for hidden patterns.

Segment and filter

Get more insights by filtering and segmenting results.

Recurring email reports

Setup automatic report sharing with selected team members. Monitor KPIs daily or weekly in your natural workspace like email or Slack.

One click reports

You need fast report to Excel, Word, Powerpoint or PDF? One click and the file is ready.

Easily share it with your team or present on a meeting.

Raw data exports

Export raw data to Excel or SPSS, if you want to make more advanced analysis.

Notifications and alerts

Setup custom notifications for responses meeting your criteria. Act fast on unhappy employee or customer.

Solution for teams and enterprise customers looking for individual approach

  • Enterprise Plan features:
  • white label surveys in company web domain,
  • multiple users and assets sharing,
  • individual SLA, DPA and invoicing,
  • dedicated success manager.
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