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  • We're looking for a great Growth Hacker.

    In this cross-functional role, you’ll be optimizing our users' journey across all stages of our marketing funnel.

    You'll be part of our product team and work closely with marketing and engineering.

    You'll be responsible for finding pain points, running A/B tests, interpreting results, and presenting them to management without bias. Improving conversion rates at each stage of the funnel will be your North Star.

    Your ability to analyze customer behavior through qualitative data and number crunching is outstanding. You are very smart. Your Excel skills are superb and your experience with Optimizely, KISSmetrics and Google Analytics is unrivalled.

    You're also passionate about startups and technology. You read TechCrunch everyday and you're subscribed to the best CRO and SaaS metrics blogs.
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  • 11. Two students took an exam.
    One of them achieved 9 marks more than the other and his marks were 56% of the sum of both of their marks.

    What marks did they obtain? *

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  • 12. Agnes, Pedro, Robert, Xavi, Santi and David are sitting in a row. Santi and David are in the centre. Agnes and Pedro are at the ends. Robert is sitting to the left of Agnes.

    Who is to the right of Pedro? *

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