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Employee Onboarding Survey

  • Good morning,

    We are glad that you have been on board for X weeks!

    We hope that the onboarding process has prepared you well for working in our company. Please rate its course in an anonymous questionnaire - its completion will take you no more than 10 minutes.

    Thanks to your answers, we will be able to improve the process of introducing new employees in the future.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    HR team

  • 1. Before the first day of work, did you receive information about its course? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 2. If so, was the mileage on the first day consistent with the earlier information?

    You can give only one answer.
  • 3. Which information was most important to you before starting work: *

    You can select several answers.
  • 4. Which pieces of equipment in your workplace were ready for use from day one? *

    You can select several answers.
  • 5. In your opinion, was there any piece of equipment necessary to start work missing on the first day? If so, write what:

  • 6. Have you been assigned a person (buddy) or a team whose task was to put you into work in the first days? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 7. In your opinion, have you obtained sufficient support from the above-mentioned people? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 8. During the first 10 days of work, did you receive information or instructions on: *

    You can give only one answer in a row.
    Yes Yes, but only partially No
    dress code  
    leave reporting procedure  
    Health and Safety  
    principles of professional promotion  
    rules for granting bonuses  
    enrollment for training / conferences  
    work hours  
    breaks at work  
    remuneration policy  
    benefits available to employees  
    non-competition closes  
  • 9. Is there anything you missed during your first weeks of work? *

  • 10. After a few weeks, how do you assess the compliance of your expectations related to your new job with reality? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 11. Explain to us what was the non-compliance of reality at work with your expectations?

  • 12. Please state to what extent you agree with the following statements: *

    You can give only one answer in a row.
    I strongly disagree I rather disagree I can't say I rather agree I definetly agree
    I feel welcome in my new workplace  
    I feel that I can count on the support of my colleagues  
    I feel that I can count on the support of my supervisor  
    I know what is expected of me at work  
    After a few weeks, I feel well prepared to perform my job duties  
    I rate the welcome in the company as nice  
  • 13. Overall, how would you rate the adaptation process in our company? *

  • 14. Please give a short explanation of your assessment: *

  • 15. How likely is it that you will recommend a friend to work at our company after you finish onboarding? *

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