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Quality of Life Questionnaire

Quality of Life research aimed at recognizing how a specific group of respondents evaluates their life and its particular areas. It’s becoming more and more popular among psychologists and sociologists.

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How we evaluate our quality of life depends on many factors. Conducting research to recognize how a specific group of respondents evaluates their life is becoming increasingly popular among psychologists and sociologists.

The Startquestion platform allows you to create a questionnaire examining the quality of life and send it to the e-mail address of a specific group of respondents. Thanks to the ability to collect and analyze large amounts of information, it is possible to quickly explore even numerous communities.

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For me, as a “heavy user” of IT tools, Startquestion allows you to achieve almost any business goal related to conducting research or online surveys. It does it safely, comfortably, and effectively.

Paweł Owczarek

Paweł Owczarek

Author of the FRIS Product, Managing Partner

The Fitness Catering team found it crucial to have a tool to automate their operations. With Startquestion, we can automate tasks such as generating reports that provide insights into the previous day’s business activities.

Paulina Rzęzawa

Director of the Fitness Catering Production Plant

As someone who has worked in marketing for years, I have encountered many survey software solutions. Still, the Startquestion platform is particularly appealing due to its affordable price and diverse research options through its user-friendly interface. Companies with clear research goals can benefit from 24/7 access to the platform.

Kamil Wójtowicz

Fitness Catering Marketing Director