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Number of surveys in the account
Number of question in the survey
Survey responses limit
10 000
10 000+
E-mail invitations limit
10 000
50 000
100 000
100 000+
Widget responses limit
Number of user accounts
E-mail distribution of invitations
Offline distribution
Rules of displaying pages in a survey
Quoting respondents for the survey
Configuration of response limits in questions
Gradual dispatch of survey invitations
Possibility to create surveys
Possibility to create tests
Widget on the website
Notifications about completing the survey
Hot alert - selective notifications about specific fillings
Hot alert - notifications about specific fillings via slack
Report wizard
Cross tables
Dashboards / LIVE Reports
Reports as HTML page
PDF reports
Graphical preview of the results
Aggregated results in DOCX format
Raw data in XLSX and SPSS format
Cyclical reports (sent automatically to e-mail)
Configuration of your own SMTP mail server
Possibility to add your own CSS code to the questionnaire
E-mail technical support
Online chat technical support
Technical support by phone
Dedicated substantive support
Dedicated cooperation agreement
Electronic data processing agreement template
Individual changes to the data processing agreement
Custom security audits (surveys)
Surveys without Startquestion visual identification
Surveys placed on customer's domain
SSL installation on the client's domain
Sharing projects between user accounts
Quantitative analysis of open responses
Hot alerts via Webhook
API access
Integration with Salesmanago
Integration with Focus Telecom
Integration with Freshmail
Integration with Google Analytics
Integration with Thulium
GDPR compliance
SSL protection
Startquestion is used by:
  • Ing
  • Danone
  • DHL
  • Ing
  • Jysk
  • Medicover
  • Nationale
  • Plus
  • Pwn

Can I extend the validity of my account by myself?

Yes. All you need to do is go to Account, then click on Settings and then click on Pay.

Can I change my account type or number of responses later?

Yes, of course. Our services are flexible, so whenever you need to change your account or increase / decrease the limit of survey responses / email invitations / widget responses, you can always do it by contacting our customer service department.

How can I perform a payment?

Our payment operator is Stripe, thanks to which you can pay conveniently by card. Additionally, you can generate an invoice (also pro-forma) for accounting. If none of the above options suits you, you can also order a bank transfer invoice with deferred payment.

stripe visa

The options I want to use require a contact with you consultant. How much do I have to wait?

As soon as you leave us your phone number and email address, the data will be sent to our consultant. We will try to call you back immediately, but if you leave your contact details outside of office hours, expect the phone at the latest on the next business day.

How long is the free trial period and what will it allow me to do?

The trial period lasts 14 days. During it, you can try out all the basic functions of the system - you can create any number of surveys in which you can collect a total of 20 results. Remember that starting the trial period does not oblige you to pay for the service - you can freely try the platform's capabilities, without worrying about the cost being charged.

What data security measures do you use in surveys?

We regularly outsource security audits to specialized companies. Logging in to the website is encrypted and the collected data is securely stored on certified servers. The databases are registered with the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO), meet all legal standards (including GDPR) and are processed only for the purposes necessary for the proper performance of the service - they are never transferred to other entities.

What will happen with my account when I won't pay for the service?

Your account will be frozen until you decide to pay. The surveys you created will automatically stop being active. Survey results will be deleted after 30 days for security reasons.