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We have been cooperating with Get Feedback since 2012, implementing projects that require various technical and substantive solutions.

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the main types of research that we design and carry out for our needs from the beginning of our cooperation. Due to the nature of this type of projects and the cyclical nature of conducted measurements, Startquestion (Webankieta) came to us with an initiative and proposed to improve our work and relieve in daily duties by automating the process of sending surveys and run-off surveys to our server. Thanks to integration with our internal systems, invitations to complete the questionnaire are sent automatically and the results are placed on the server in order to be passed directly to our analytical systems, with all required data security standards in our company.

After introducing these automations, we were able to collect a lot of feedback from our clients and thanks to this, having the possibility of cyclically receiving completed surveys, we are constantly improving the quality of our services.

We are extremely pleased with the involvement of the Startquestion (Webankieta) team in everyday work with us, ongoing support and availability in the implementation of numerous on-line surveys, as well as solutions offered by the Startquestion (Webankieta) website.

Startquestion (Webankieta) is not only a tool supplier for the implementation of quantitative on-line research. It is a partner for cooperation and therefore we recommend it to other companies that are looking for a reliable company to conduct quantitative on-line research.

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We have been using the Startquestion (Webankieta) since February 2015 and we have carried out over a dozen projects on relational and transactional customer satisfaction surveys. The platform is simple and intuitive to use. It gives the opportunity to view the results on an ongoing basis, audit the test, as well as automated reporting. However, the thing we appreciate the most is cooperation with the team with whom we work. They always help and have a very positive approach to meeting customer needs.

I can recommend the Startquestion (Webankieta) system to institutions looking for a functional and reliable solution for conducting online surveys.

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On behalf of the Quality Management Department of Deutsche Bank Polska S.A., I confirm cooperation with the Startquestion (Webankieta) in the field of surveys and customer satisfaction surveys.

We started cooperation with the Startquestion (Webankieta) team in July 2017. The decision to cooperate was caused by the search for an appropriate tool to conduct customer satisfaction surveys in our company.

The choice of Startquestion (Webankieta) was determined by the flexibility and reliability of the tool to carry out customer satisfaction surveys. We also highly evaluate solutions such as recurring reports and alerts - allowing you to automate many activities.

During the cooperation, the team of Startquestion (Webankieta) demonstrated a high level of competence. They react quickly and with commitment to all our applications and problems.

We hereby recommend Startquestion (Webankieta) to all companies wishing to conduct customer or employee satisfaction surveys and looking for a functional, reliable and customizable tool.

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The cooperation between Startquestion (Webankieta) and IAB Polska began in 2015. The Internet Industry Employers' Union, whose main goal is broadly understood market education in the use of the Internet as a tool for conducting business and communication, needed access to a platform enabling the creation of advanced online market research questionnaires and ongoing monitoring of research implementation.

The Startquestion (Webankieta) and IAB Polska partnership covers several areas. The first of these is the scripting of surveys, which includes entering the questionnaire designs sent by IAB Poland to Startquestion (Webankieta) tool and conducting comprehensive online research using all the functionalities of the platform. Creating surveys involves not only entering questions, but also setting advanced rules for displaying them or applying other individual solutions depending on the needs of a particular study. The platform for the needs of a given project also allows you to create your own skins, or customize the survey interface. Finished surveys are tested by teams of specialists from both companies, after which changes or improvements are introduced if necessary. This is not the end of cooperation - Startquestion (Webankieta) allows you to create periodic reports that are sent at a pre-determined frequency and in the selected format. The reports contain a summary of the results of the collective research carried out or, depending on the needs of the research, filtered information, allowing to draw even more clear conclusions.

Taking care to maintain high standards of published research and reports, IAB Polska and Startquestion (Webankieta) constantly work on improving the quality of online surveys and increasing the technical capabilities of the platform. The tool can be used by any company or research agency looking for a comprehensive solution for conducting internet research with the possibility of flexible adjustment of their appearance, content or reporting method to their own needs.

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