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Employee Exit Interview

  • Due to the decision to leave our company, we would like to know your opinion about us as an employer. 

    The obtained answers will contribute to taking actions that will enable us to become a more attractive place of employment for current and future employees. We count on honest answers to the questions, but it is not obligatory to answer all of them

    It should take approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey.

    Note: the survey is confidential. Only authorized employees of the HR area have access to its results. 

    Thank you for your time,

    HR team

  • 1. What city did you work in? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 2. What is the main reason you quit your job? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 3. If your decision was influenced by other factors, please indicate which: *

    You can select several answers.
  • 4. Before deciding to leave our company, did you consider internal job change proposals or responded to internal job offers?

    You can give only one answer.
  • 5. What actions has your supervisor taken to encourage you to stay on our team? *

    You can select several answers.
  • 6. How likely is it that you will recommend us as an employer to your friends or family? *

    I will definitely not recommend

    I will definitely recommend

  • 7. What could we change to make you rate us better? *

  • 8. On a scale of 1 to 5, rate your degree of satisfaction with: *

    Opportunities to fulfill your professional ambitions
    Availability of training / development tools
    Autonomy in action
    Support of the supervisor
    Appreciating the results of your work
    Fair evaluation of work results
    Taking into account your opinions
    Promotion of employees who are best suited for a given position
    Work environments that support innovation/consent to make mistakes
    Partnership relationships in the team
    Environments that support cooperation
    Feelings of security
    The tools and support you need to get the job done
    Treat employees who quit their jobs with respect
  • 9. Do you have any comments / ideas that can improve the work of your department or the entire company? *

  • We are curious what workplace you found more attractive, so we will be grateful for your answers to the following questions.
  • 10. How did you find out about the new job offer? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 11. How long ago did you make the decision to leave? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 12. What industry will you work in? *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 13. The position you take in the new company is: *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 14. The total salary you will receive in the new workplace is: *

    You can give only one answer.
  • 15. How long have you worked in our company? *

    You can give only one answer.


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