Use surveys to improve
user experience of your website

Understand why, not only what

Google Analytics will tell you what, but won’t tell you why it’s happening. By using usability surveys, you’ll understand why users are performing certain actions and why they don’t convert.

Discover what motivates users

Surveys will help you learn about motivation of your current or prospect users and goals that have, when they enter your website. You can use this data, to make better optimization decisions.

Learn which areas are making experience bad or great

What is the exact moment, that your users don’t like, what is bothering them, why they are not converting? Invest your resources only to projects that can make real impact on the experience.

Improve website UX after learning
answers to those questions:

  • What drives loyal users to come back?
  • Why users are not converting?
  • What features are missing?
  • Did users found all information they were looking for?
  • How likely your users will recommend you?
  • What users think about your website?

Startquestion gives you freedom to collect and analyze meaningful data in easy way

Complete control over look & feel

Decide where to show your survey, how it will look and configure bhavior. Personalize questions, invitation text to achieve high response rates.

Deploy surveys in minutes

Long gone are the times you need UX agency to perform usability study and get you report in a matter of weeks. After one time script installation on your website, you can start your research yourself and get meaningful data the next day.

Target users based on their attributes and behavior

Deploy your survey in the right context, on the page you want to improve and target only specified segment of your users.

Integration with apps, that you use
on a daily basis

Data from UX research can be automatically transfered to your CRM and combined with customer profile. Startquestion natively connects with Zapier, Freshmail, Salesmanago, Thulium, Google Analytics, Zendesk and many more.

Easily share insights with your team

Results from your UX research can get to your team automatically in a form of custom reports or be available in online dashboard. You can work together on identifying problems and coming up with conversion increasing solutions.

What our users say

Startquestion allowed us to guarantee the anonymity of the survey. The ability to automatically send reminders to complete the survey helped us in collecting the results - without them we would certainly not have achieved such a high response rate.

Sebastian Srebnicki
Project Manager @ innogy

The feedback that comes from surveys placed directly on the website is much more refined and specific. We’re asking the users about the experience here and now, so they remember it perfectly and are willing to leave extensive comments about it.

Krzysztof Gabruk
Customer Experience Chapter Leader @ Santander Bank

We knew that the key to the success of the Voice of Customer project is the integration of the company's internal systems with the online research software.
We choose Startquestion as the research tool and the first experiences turned out to be so encouraging that Medicover decided to transfer all the conducted research to this platform.

Beata Dąbrowska
Medicover Poland

In Startquestion I found what I later strived for while developing my company - on the one hand, taking care of solid and safe technological foundations, and on the other, listening to the needs, engaging customers in product development and focusing on solving problems.

Paweł Owczarek
FRIS Creator, Managing Partner

How to run usability surveys on my users?

Startquestion recommends two most popular ways of capturing UX related feedback from your users:

Survey displayed on your website

  • in-context real-time feedback
  • super fast implementation and start
  • high response rate
  • deciding who and where to ask
  • automated results sending to other tools like your CRM app
Learn more about website surveys

Survey sent to e-mail

  • automatic transactional campaign to users that performed any action (eg. signed up for trial)
  • automatic reminders to boost response rates
  • ready to use product survey templates
  • customization of invitation template and survey URL
  • automated results sending to other tools like your CRM app

Create user friendly websites,
that make users loyal

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