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AI Surveys – How to Create Survey Questions Easily in 60 Seconds

Creating powerful survey questions has never been easier, thanks to innovative solutions powered by AI. Say goodbye to long brainstorming sessions and hello to efficient data collection in just 60 seconds. Let us assist you in uncovering the secrets to developing engaging questionnaires quickly and effortlessly.

Before we start, let’s look at the current development of solutions based on artificial intelligence. For many of us, using AI has already revolutionized our daily professional duties. Undoubtedly, its business value for many organizations will grow in the coming years.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

If you grew up watching old-school action movies, artificial intelligence might remind you of the rebellion of the machines and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. Relax. Today’s reality is more optimistic than the screenwriters assumed a few decades ago.

The AI, as Arnie had promised, is back. At its current development stage, we can divide the technology into four categories.

1. Reactive Machines

This type of AI adoption focuses solely on the present task and does not possess memory or the ability to use past experiences to inform decisions. Reactive machines analyze incoming data and produce responses based on predefined rules or patterns. They cannot learn or adapt. Chess-playing computers, for example, use reactive AI technology to evaluate the current state of the board and make the best move based on predetermined algorithms.

2. Limited Memory

Such AI systems can retain and utilize past experiences to make decisions. These systems store a limited amount of historical data and use it to improve their performance or responses over time. Self-driving cars employ limited memory AI by continuously recording and analyzing data from sensors and cameras to learn from previous situations and enhance driving behavior.

3. Theory of Mind

Next level of AI development. Theory of mind systems possess an understanding of the mental states, beliefs, intentions, and emotions of others. This type of AI can attribute mental states to itself and others, enabling it to comprehend and predict the behavior of individuals. While this concept is still largely theoretical, it holds potential for advancing fields like social robotics and human-computer interaction.

4. Self-Awareness

There is a hypothetical level of AI called self-aware AI, which would possess consciousness and be aware of its existence. Such AI technology could reflect on itself, improve, and have a sense of self. However, creating such machines involves complex philosophical and cognitive challenges that have yet to be achieved.

Type of questions to ask in a survey
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Creating Survey with Help from AI

Enough theory about AI solutions. Now let’s see how technology can have a positive impact on the everyday life of people dealing with broadly understood research – from HR and CX specialists to researchers and marketers.

Why Can Survey Creation from Scratch Be Discouraging?

Surveying from the very beginning can be a challenging task for several reasons.

  • Lack of experience

If you don’t have prior experience in survey design, it can be daunting to start from scratch. You may need clarification about the appropriate questions to ask, the order in which to present them, and the overall structure of the survey.

  • The complexity of research design

Designing an effective survey requires careful consideration of research objectives, target audience, sampling methods, question types, and response scales. Without a clear understanding of these elements, creating a well-designed survey that produces meaningful and reliable data can be challenging.

  • Uncertainty about question-wording

Crafting clear and concise survey questions is crucial to ensure accurate and unbiased responses. Poorly worded questions can lead to confusion, misinterpretation, or respondent bias, ultimately compromising the quality of the data collected.

  • Time-consuming process

Developing a survey from scratch involves multiple steps, such as defining research goals, drafting questions, pilot testing, revising, and finalizing the survey instrument. Each step requires time and effort, which can be discouraging if you have limited resources or face time constraints.

When faced with challenges in survey design, it can be beneficial to seek expert guidance, consult established resources and best practices, and consider utilizing survey platforms or templates that offer pre-designed questionnaires. These resources help simplify the survey creation process and improve the chances of obtaining dependable and valuable data.

Alternatively, you could ask AI for assistance.

AI Tools: What is Chat GPT?

Unless you spent the last year in the middle of the jungle without contact with civilization, you must have heard a lot about Chat GPT. Many of you use it daily. Let’s start with a short definition to be on the same page.

ChatGPT is an intelligent assistant that can talk to people like a human. It can answer questions, give information, and suggest ideas. It has been trained to understand and produce text that makes sense. ChatGPT wants to help people have valuable and educational conversations.

Developed by Open AI, the tool was released on November 30, 2022. Within a few months, it gained immense popularity, with over 100 million active users by January and over 170 million dedicated users by April 2023. According to Nerdy Nav, the website received an astonishing 1.8 billion monthly visits in that same month.

What Do We Use Chat For

According to a study conducted by Tidio, we use it for various activities such as seeking health advice, completing school assignments, delivering wedding speeches, and even engaging in flirtatious conversations with artificial intelligence. We also use chat for professional purposes, including research assistance, business plan suggestions, content creation, or writing code.

Introducing Startquestion AI Survey Generator

We do not hide that our industry has also been affected by the hype on Chat GPT. One of the commands that we enter in the dialog box may be a request to generate questions for the survey.

At Startquestion, we went a step further.

We’ve integrated a tool from Open AI into our survey platform to make it easier for users to create effective surveys. This integration is beneficial because it allows you to use prepared templates and start collecting valuable feedback immediately.

Benefits of Using Our AI Survey Tool

  • An AI-generated survey creator saves time and effort by automating the process and using intelligent algorithms. This allows you to focus on analyzing the results and taking action.
  • You may improve your surveys with Startquestion’s creator. Sophisticated algorithms optimize structure, phrasing, and response options for precise insights.
  • Our survey creator is user-friendly and intuitive. You don’t need technical skills to create professional surveys with customizable templates and streamlined processes.

Let’s move on and generate some surveys.

Example of AI Survey Questions Creation

To illustrate how you can efficiently prepare a ready-to-use survey with our generator, we have prepared a short tutorial. Just follow those steps to create one by yourself.

How to Gather Feedback in 60 Seconds Using AI Generator

ai survey generator starting survey
Type your survey goal

As with the regular use of Chat GPT, we need to type a detailed prompt. We entered the following research topic for the test questionnaire: “I want to find out what benefits my employees enjoy the most.” After entering the prompt, we choose the language of the survey.

When everything is ready, click generate survey questions.

  • One minute later…

A dozen or so seconds later, our questionnaire is ready. The system has prepared ten questions for us regarding the selection of employee benefits.

examples of generated questions in ai survey
Examples of generated questions
  • Need a longer survey? No problem

Under the last of the ten generated questions, you can add more. Click generate more survey questions until you are satisfied with the length of the form. Remember, however, that the number of questions may have a negative impact on the response rates and the quality of the feedback obtained.

  • Send your survey right away

The good news is that you can utilize this survey without any cost and effortlessly send it to your intended recipients with just a few clicks. Click “Create this survey for free” to be directed to the registration page. Rest assured, signing up for an account is free of charge.

Add more questions or use your survey

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Advantages of AI Survey Questions

New technologies can make our work & life easier. That’s obvious. Here’s how AI adoption may streamline the survey creation process. Trust us, that advantage cannot be ignored by someone responsible for CX or HR research in a big company.

Benefits of Using AI Solutions for Gathering Feedback

Time and Effort Efficiency

AI technology can swiftly generate survey questions, saving valuable time and effort during creation.

Diverse Question Types

The tool can generate a wide variety of question types, enabling the creation of comprehensive surveys that cover multiple aspects of the research topic.

Unbiased Question Formulation

By leveraging the broad range of training data, Chat GPT can help formulate neutral and unbiased survey questions, promoting fairness and objectivity in the survey process.

Linguistic Proficiency

With a firm grasp of language patterns, it can produce well-structured survey questions that respondents easily understand.

Creative Ideation

AI tools’ generative capabilities can introduce innovative and unique survey questions, enhancing the survey’s quality and depth to elicit insightful responses from participants.

Disadvantages of AI Survey Questions

Using AI tools to assist with surveys can be beneficial, but researchers need to oversee the questions to ensure they are of good quality, relevant, and aligned with survey objectives. If not, adjustments may need to be made to the questionnaire.

Drawbacks of Generating Survey Questions with AI

Lack of Contextual Understanding

Sometimes, chat may ask questions without understanding the full context, leading to survey questions that are not relevant or meaningful.

Potential for Biased Questions

Questions generated by AI may still have unintended biases because of the model’s training data. Thus, it is necessary to have human review to effectively address and correct any biases.

Insufficient Domain Expertise

In certain specialized or technical fields, individuals may need to possess a higher level of expertise to generate accurate and intricate queries.

Limited Interpretation and Clarification

Assistance may be required for AI to comprehend intricate survey demands or to seek further explanation, which may result in unclear inquiries.

Human Oversight and Review Required

Although AI can be helpful, it is still important for human researchers to supervise and ensure that the questions meet the necessary standards in terms of quality, relevance, and alignment with the survey objectives.

captera report 2023 startquestion
Source: Capterra Report 2023

Create Your First AI Survey in 60 Seconds

AI survey creators can be a valuable solution for many individuals and organizations. But is it a good option for everyone? Certainly not.

Is it good for you? It depends on your needs and expectations. Check and see if the generator meets them. If so – sign up for a free account and enjoy your surveys.

If you expect much more from your research, schedule a demo. We will be happy to learn about your challenges, and we will consider how effectively and quickly you can meet them with our tool.

This is the world now. Logged on, plugged in, all the time.

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The words of John Connor, another brave character from the Terminator series, ring true in our modern world. We are constantly connected and reliant on technology, including AI tools. It is up to us to make thoughtful choices about how we integrate these tools into our daily lives and work.

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