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Explore The Best Free Survey Tools of 2023

Are you ready to dive into the world of surveying and harness the power of feedback? In today’s digital age, gathering insights and opinions has never been easier, thanks to the abundance of free survey software tools. Whether you’re a market researcher, small business owner, or educator, conducting surveys is vital to understanding your audience and making informed decisions.

This article unveils the best online survey tools in 2023 that will revolutionize how you collect and analyze data. Get ready to discover user-friendly interfaces, advanced features, and customization options that will take your survey game to new heights. Let’s explore the world of surveying and unlock the invaluable insights that await.

To begin, let me remind you how online surveys can enhance your work.

Startquestion is a platform designed to gather feedback from customers and employees, allowing for swift analysis and sharing of insights within the organization.

Why Should You Use Online Survey Software?

Best survey tools offer numerous advantages over traditional survey methods, making them valuable for conducting market research, gathering customer feedback, measuring employee satisfaction, doing academic studies, and various other applications.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Survey Tools

  • Ease of use

User-friendly interfaces and pre-built templates simplify the survey creation process, making it accessible to all users.

  • Time and cost efficiency

Automated tasks, digital data collection, and real-time reports save time and resources compared to manual methods.

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Automate your work to make it easier
  • Broad reach and convenience

Online survey tools enable easy distribution through email, social media, websites, and mobile apps, allowing respondents to participate from anywhere at their convenience.

  • Customization and flexibility

Surveys can be tailored to match your organization’s branding and gather specific information with customizable appearance, layout, questions, and response options.

  • Data accuracy and analysis

Automated data collection reduces human error, while robust analysis tools provide quick insights and visual reports.

  • Scalability

Online survey tools can handle surveys of various sizes and complexities, effectively accommodating small-scale and large-scale projects.

  • Integration and collaboration

Many survey tools integrate with other platforms, facilitating seamless data transfer and collaboration with CRM, email marketing, and data analysis tools.

  • Security and data privacy

Reputable survey platform providers prioritize data security through encryption, secure servers, and anonymization techniques, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations while protecting respondents’ information.

We already know why it is worth using this type of software. But do we always have to pay for it? Under what circumstances will a free survey maker be a good enough tool?

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Free Online Survey Tool. Who Is This Solution For?

You may be wondering for whom free online survey tools will be an effective and sufficient solution. Let me help you make a decision. A free version of survey maker can be enough for your needs in several situations:

Basic Surveys 

Free surveys can handle the task effectively when you require a simple questionnaire with a limited number of question types. An excellent free survey creator often provides essential questions like multiple-choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions, which are suitable for many survey purposes.

Small-scale Projects 

Free online surveys can be adequate if you are conducting research with a small sample size or targeting a specific audience. These tools limit the number of responses or surveys you can create, but these restrictions may not be a significant concern for smaller projects.

Personal Use or Non-profit Organizations 

Once you are using surveys for personal purposes, such as gathering feedback for a personal project or conducting a survey for a non-profit organization with limited resources, free online survey makers can fulfill your needs without incurring additional costs.

Limited Budget

When you have budget constraints and cannot afford to invest in a paid version, free options can be a viable alternative. While they may have some limitations, they still offer the core functionality to create and distribute surveys.

Learning and Experimentation

A free survey app can be a great starting point if you are new to survey creation or want to experiment with different survey techniques. You can familiarize yourself with the survey creation process, explore different question types, and gain experience analyzing survey data without financial commitment.

You can also sign up for several free leading online survey tools accounts to choose the best software for you and – if necessary – purchase its paid version.

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Top 8 Best Free Online Survey Tools

Google Forms

Google Forms is a versatile tool with powerful features.

It offers an intuitive interface for easy form creation and customization. Collaborative capabilities allow multiple users to work together in real-time. Automated response collection and organization simplify data management. Customization options let users personalize forms with themes, colors, and images.

Integration with other Google products, such as Google Drive and Google Analytics, enables seamless data analysis and storage. Plus, Google Forms is accessible on various devices, ensuring convenience for both creators and respondents. Responses are automatically stored in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, making it convenient for data analysis.

Additionally, embedding website surveys is an option, making it a versatile tool for collecting feedback and conducting research.


The SurveyMonkey free plan provides a straightforward and user-friendly platform for effortlessly creating surveys. It offers the convenience of easily sharing surveys through links or embed codes, enabling prompt distribution to respondents.

This free plan is particularly suitable for smaller businesses with a limited client base, as it does come with certain limitations. Each survey is restricted to a maximum of 10 questions and can collect up to 40 responses. However, it compensates for these limitations by allowing users to create an unlimited number of surveys.

This flexibility enables businesses to send out numerous 10-question forms, catering to different audiences or covering a variety of topics effectively.


Typeform’s free plan offers an impressive survey maker that grants you the freedom to customize the design of your surveys. Adding your brand’s unique aesthetic can truly elevate the survey experience. What’s great about Typeform is that you can create unlimited custom surveys, without any restrictions on the number of questions you can include.

One particularly fascinating feature is the ability to seamlessly embed responses within the text of your survey. This means that when a respondent provides their name in one question, you can address them by name in subsequent questions. This personalized touch adds a human element to your surveys and fosters a stronger relationship with your customers.

It allows for a more tailored and engaging experience, making respondents feel valued and heard throughout the survey journey.

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a free survey software integrated with the Microsoft Office suite. It offers a straightforward interface that is familiar to users of other Microsoft products. The platform allows users to create surveys with various question types, including multiple-choice, rating scales, and text fields.

Microsoft Forms provides customization options, allowing users to choose from pre-designed themes or personalize the survey design. It supports collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on surveys simultaneously. Microsoft Forms offers options to distribute surveys via email, social media, or embedded links. The collected responses are automatically stored in Microsoft Excel for easy data analysis.

While the tool may have fewer advanced features compared to other paid survey software, its integration with the Microsoft ecosystem and its simplicity make it a convenient choice for Microsoft Office users.

Zoho Survey

The free version of Zoho Survey provides all the necessary components to create effective surveys. It offers the flexibility of creating unlimited surveys, although each survey is limited to 10 questions and can collect up to 100 responses.

One notable feature is the extensive library of over 250 survey templates available. This allows users to choose from a wide range of pre-designed formats, saving time and effort in survey creation. Additionally, the platform offers real-time response tracking, giving users immediate access to survey results as they are received.

This free plan is especially well-suited for smaller businesses seeking to conduct quick and concise surveys without the need for additional bells and whistles. It offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for gathering valuable feedback and insights.


SurveySparrow is a versatile survey tool that caters to various user needs, offering a range of options from a free plan to enterprise-level functionality.

The free version allows users to create surveys with up to 10 questions per survey and collect up to 100 responses per month. It’s a good starting point for gathering feedback and conducting basic surveys.

One notable feature is the ability to embed surveys on web pages, providing a seamless user experience. SurveySparrow also integrates with popular platforms like HubSpot, making it a valuable addition to your existing software stack.

Whether you’re starting out or need advanced survey capabilities, SurveySparrow offers a flexible solution that can adapt and grow with your needs.


Survicate is a survey and NPS (Net Promoter Score) platform that offers a free plan for users. The free plan provides access to professional survey and NPS capabilities, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to gather feedback and insights from their customers.

With the free plan, you can create and deploy one active survey at a time. This means that while you can build multiple surveys, only one can be active and collecting responses at any given time. However, the plan allows for unlimited responses for up to seven days, giving you ample time to gather feedback from your target audience.

Survicate’s free plan also offers unlimited questions, enabling you to design comprehensive surveys tailored to your specific needs. You can choose from a library of over 125 survey templates, making it easier and faster to create surveys without starting from scratch.

NPS Survey Template

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a world-renowned methodology and one of the best business tools for researching customer loyalty. You will draw remarkably valuable conclusions with such simple to collect and valuable feedback.

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NPS Survey Template

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a world-renowned methodology and one of the best business tools for researching customer loyalty. You will draw remarkably valuable conclusions with such simple to collect and valuable feedback.

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It is a platform designed to gather feedback from customers and employees, allowing for swift analysis and sharing of insights within the organization.

Startquestion is a free online survey tool that offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features. It provides customizable survey templates to help users get started quickly. With Startquestion, you can create surveys with various question types, including multiple-choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions. The platform offers advanced features such as skip logic, piping, and data validation, allowing for more sophisticated survey design.

Startquestion supports collaboration among team members, making it suitable for collaborative survey projects. The platform allows for the distribution of surveys through email, social media, or embedded links.

It also provides basic reporting and analytics features to help you derive insights from the collected data. Startquestion’s free version is a viable option for users who seek a user-friendly survey software with advanced features to conduct surveys and gather valuable feedback.

Even the Best Free Survey Tools Have Limitations

It’s important to note that free survey makers often have certain limitations compared to their paid counterparts.

These limitations may include restrictions on the number of survey responses, questions, respondents, or advanced features like skip logic, customization options, and data analysis capabilities. Additionally, free survey tools may display branding or advertisements on your surveys.

Suppose your survey requirements exceed these limitations or need more unlimited responses, scalability, multilingual surveys, or dedicated customer support. In that case, consider investing in a paid survey software solution.

Paid plans usually offer a broader range of features, greater flexibility, and enhanced support to meet the needs of professional researchers, organizations, and large-scale projects.

Use the best tools, source: Capterra Report 2023

When Should You Consider Using Paid Survey Software?

Investing in paid software can be worth it if you need advanced survey features, scalability, and dedicated support. Below are some scenarios where paid survey tool can be beneficial:

Complex Surveys

If you need to create unlimited surveys with advanced question types, complex branching and skip logic, or advanced customization options, paid survey software often provides a broader range of features and flexibility. These tools allow you to design surveys that precisely capture the information you need and provide a better user experience for respondents.

Large-scale Projects

When conducting surveys with a significant number of respondents or managing multiple surveys simultaneously, the paid survey tool is better for handling high volumes of data. They offer increased scalability, allowing you to efficiently collect and analyze responses from thousands or even millions of participants.

Advanced Data Analysis

Paid survey software often includes robust data analysis and reporting capabilities. If you require in-depth conclusions, advanced statistical features, and visualization options, investing in a paid solution can provide the tools and functionalities to gain valuable insights from your survey data.

Enhanced Customization and Branding 

If you want to fully customize your surveys’ appearance, branding, and user experience, the paid survey tool offers greater flexibility. You can tailor the design elements, add your company’s branding, and create a cohesive survey experience that aligns with your organization’s image.

Integration and Automation

Paid survey software frequently provides integration options with other tools and platforms, such as CRM systems, email marketing software, or data analysis tools. If you require seamless data transfer, automation of workflows, or integration with your existing systems, paid solutions typically offer more extensive integration capabilities.

Dedicated Support

Paid versions often include dedicated customer support, assisting with technical issues, survey design, and data analysis. If you value prompt and personalized support, investing in a paid solution ensures you have access to experts who can help you maximize the value of your surveys.

Enhanced Security and Data Privacy

While free survey software providers prioritize data security, paid options often offer additional security measures and compliance with industry standards. If you collect sensitive or confidential data, such as personal information or proprietary research, paid survey tools may offer higher security and data privacy.

Long-term or Continuous Surveying

If you plan to conduct surveys regularly or require ongoing survey capabilities, paid software often offers subscription plans that provide long-term access and cost savings compared to pay-per-use or limited-time free options.

Choose the Right Survey Creation Tool

The world of free online survey tools in 2023 offers diverse options to meet your needs. However, consider your needs and budget when deciding between free and paid options.

Startquestion and other free tools are suitable for smaller-scale projects and budget-conscious users. Choose the software that aligns with your objectives and unlock valuable insights through surveys.

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