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Product Updates and Online Surveys – Impact on User Satisfaction 

User satisfaction is a metric that marketers and tech companies keep an eye on. It’s crucial to succeed in today’s competitive digital landscape, where the success of your product is determined by the reviews of your users.

As such, companies often take user feedback and updates to their products very seriously. When a company announces a new feature or a new version of its product, it’s not without reason.

These announcements and updates are mostly probably developed based on user feedback and can have a positive impact on user satisfaction, as users are initially concerned about bugs or other imperfections in the new software.

In this article, we’ll explore how online surveys and product updates impact user satisfaction and the ways in which companies can improve user satisfaction through these activities.

Importance of Product Updates and Online Surveys on User Satisfaction

Product updates and online surveys are together very common occurrences in the digital world. When they are used together, they become a kind of weapon to improve the user experience with feature updates, in the light of user feedback.

Companies regularly collect feature requests and feedback through online surveys and release new versions of their apps to keep users happy and engaged. And with good reason: even the tiniest improvements can make all the difference for users.

For instance, a group of users might be asking for a feature update for a while that might give them the opportunity to complete their purchase in a single step instead of several. Or perhaps an update fixes a specific bug that users were complaining about, allowing them to continue using the app without interruption.

If a product team doesn’t care for feature requests and the results of online surveys, that means a massive decrease in user satisfaction.

Users aren’t stupid. They know that they are an important part of product development. So, currently, they give necessary importance to answering online surveys and expect product updates accordingly.

What is a Product Update?

A product update is an improvement, fix, or change made for the product in order to develop the product to another level.

It is an essential part of sustainable businesses. And, the most important thing a business can do is construct a good communication process with their customers. When you show your customers that you care for them and improve the product for them, it is the best possible way to improve their satisfaction. New feature announcements are significant in that sense. 

What is an Online Survey?

User experience (UX) surveys are a great way to get users to talk about your product with you. These surveys often have questions about what users like and dislike about the product. The questions usually focus on different aspects of the product, including, but not limited to:  – What is your favorite feature? – What do you wish the product did? – How satisfied are you with the product? – Why?

There are many different ways to conduct surveys, including via email, social media, or email. Some research tools let you create your surveys from the website, while others require that you create the surveys in a separate software application. The best way to choose a survey tool will depend on the type of survey you want to create and the number of people you’re trying to reach. 

There are also many different types of surveys you can create. Survey types include product reviews, usability tests, competitive analysis, and many more. Each survey type has specific questions that help you learn more about your users and their needs.  A competitive analysis survey is a great way to learn more about your competitors. You can collect information like what they offer, what they do differently, and what they could improve.

4 Steps to Improve User Satisfaction with Online Surveys and Product Updates

1. Communicate Product Updates

Communicating with your users is a great way to improve their satisfaction with your product. As users are often concerned about bugs and other issues in the new software, it’s important that they know that the company is aware of these issues and working to resolve them.

One great way to communicate updates to your product is through in-app environments and changelog pages. Besides, when a company makes an update to its product, it’s also important that it posts about it on its social media accounts.

These distribution channels allow users who follow these channels to see the update and provide the company with an opportunity to communicate with its customers.

Companies can use changelog tools to manage their product updates and increase user satisfaction. AnnounceKit, helps you announce product updates among several different channels to increase user satisfaction.

💡 Tips 

  • Show and explain the benefit of the update, rather than only giving the explanation of the feature. Make sure that the changes have real benefits for users.
  • Segment your user groups to send targeted announcements. Sometimes, within a service, there are different user bases that use different parts of the product. This way, you can display your product updates only to the people who are interested in that specific improvement.
  • Announce product updates in-app so as not to miss them when they are using your service. Most of the notifications do really work in terms of catching users’ attention. But when people who are already in the app see a notification on the page, it is more likely they get interested.

2. Collect User Feedback

Many customers are not very intended to contact product teams about their positive or negative feedback. Here, having user experience surveys provide a speedier and better way of exploring user feedback with several simple questions. Users love to see that their thoughts are asked when improving the product. So, this is the first way how you can use survey responses and feedback to increase user satisfaction.

The second best time to collect feedback for increasing user satisfaction is when you make updates. While updates and features often improve a product’s performance, they also come with the added benefit of allowing users to provide feedback on their experience with the product. When a company announces a new update to its product, it’s valuable for them to post a survey on their company’s website. Collecting feedback from users is an excellent way to help the company identify areas in which it can improve its products.

It’s worth mentioning that online survey tools like Startquestion allow you to easily create surveys and thanks to this, improve customer experience. To achieve CX improvement it’s important to ask what is it that the clients think about your products and services – that is the best and simplest decision to be made. 

If you are ready to start to work on your customer satisfaction, you can create your survey for free during the trial period. On our website, you can find many customer survey templates and questions, and also you can easily adjust the survey design to fit your brand.

💡 Tips

Keep your questions focused. A wide-open question could lead to a lot of different answers, while a question that is too specific could get passed over. Instead, aim for a general discussion about what users like and dislike about your product.

  • Use a professional survey template. A lot of the bad reviews for research companies are because the survey templates aren’t professional. A professional template makes it so much easier for the person doing the survey to follow the instructions and complete the survey correctly.
  • Try to get feedback from more than one person. This will help you get a better sense of what people think overall, instead of just from a few people.
  • Make sure to assign a unique ID to each survey you publish. This will help you track your surveys, analyze the results, and get credit for the survey if you publish it on your company’s social accounts.
  • Make it easy for respondents to skip the survey. Depending on your survey questions, you may want to allow respondents to skip the survey and still receive other useful survey data.

3. Test and Analyze

Once a new update or feature has been implemented, and you’ve published your user experience survey, it’s important for a company to analyze the performance of the result.

Analyzing how an update impacts the product and how people are reacting to these improvements on online surveys allows a company to identify areas in which it can improve. If a new feature has a negative impact on the product, it might be possible to change the feature so that it’s positive.

4. Measure Afterward

Once a company has identified areas in which it can improve its product, it can measure the impact of these updates. For example, a company might track the number of complaints it receives about its product and see if these drop after an update is implemented. If so, it can use this information to identify areas in which it can improve.

Wrap Up

Overall, online user experience surveys, and product updates are excellent ways for companies to improve their product, and increase user satisfaction.

The process of collecting feedback from users can help companies see what they need to change and make improvements to their products. By implementing these updates, companies are essentially beta-testing their new features, identifying areas in which users are experiencing issues, and working to correct these issues. 

If you’re a business that provides software or hardware to customers, you should keep in mind that updates can have a big impact on their satisfaction and loyalty. In that sense, you can help build a better relationship with your customers.