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Apply surveys in researchers to the diploma thesis or enter surveys for parents, students and teachers in the educational institution.

Startquestion is a browser-based program for creating and analyzing online surveys.

Thanks to simple wizards you can create a survey and send it to your group of respondents, e.g. customers, employees or any social group.

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Online surveys - how to start?

Surveys allow you to get information from a large number of people. How much you collect depends on what questions you ask and how you will formulate them. Try to formulate them as simple and understandable as possible way for the recipient. To retain the right quality of the survey, use the appropriate question types.

There are 18 types of questions available, including a question about Net Promoter Score. If you need to create a questionnaire on a specific topic, register on our platform and select one of the ready templates of surveys, eg. Customer satisfaction surveys, satisfaction after contact with customer service, website survey. About that how to create the perfect survey you will also learn from articles on our blog.