Are users disappointed with your product?

Try an easy-to-use professional website feedback tool. Gather feedback from the right users at the right time and context – exactly when they interact with your site.

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Good User Experience Starts With the Right Questions

Understand Your Users

Don’t build your roadmap based on what you think; build it based on what users think. And the only way to know it is to ask them.

Stop Building Products No One Needs

User feedback will help you prioritise projects and choose only those features that bring real value. You’ll get stronger arguments with stakeholders’ discussions.

Learn the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Product

What do you need to improve, so customers choose you over the competition? Know the most lovable features and areas for improvement.

Build – Measure – Learn

User research is the first step to implementing the learning process into your organization. Experiment, gather feedback and iterate based on actual results.

You’ll Learn the Most Important Answers:

  • What’s the overall satisfaction level?
  • What is stopping users from signing up?
  • Why does your onboarding fail?
  • Why are users dropping after the free trial?
  • Has your product reached product-market fit?
  • What further usability study should you run?
  • Is the product easy to use? Are all features user-friendly?
  • How should you prioritize the roadmap and experiments?

Startquestion – One Tool to Collect and Analyze User Voice Through Easy and Powerful Surveys

Ask as You Like: Via Website or E-mail

Run targeted surveys on any page or run a transactional study – sending e-mails after key product events.

One Code to Rule Them All

You can run your research at any time without help from IT or an external agency. Time from idea to first answer could be as short as a few minutes.

You only need a one-time installation of the Startquestion script on your website, and you’re good to go!

Laser-Sharp Targeting Criteria Based on User Attributes or Site Behavior

Publish your survey using information about visited pages, time on site or javascript rules. Ask only trial or paid users or send NPS surveys after the user has churned.

Integrate with Your Product Stack

Send surveys based on custom events, send results to your database or CRM, and share exciting feedback on Slack. Configure it once and let automation do the heavy lifting.

Startquestion is Appreciated by Users All Over the World

How to Run Product Surveys?

Startquestion recommends the two most popular ways of capturing product-related feedback from your users:

Survey Sent to E-mail

  • automatic transactional campaign to users that performed any action (e.g. signed up for trial)
  • automatic reminders to boost response rates
  • ready to use product survey templates
  • customization of invitation template and survey URL
  • automated results sent to other tools like your CRM app

Website Survey

  • in-context real-time feedback
  • super fast implementation and start
  • high response rate
  • deciding who and where to ask
  • automated results sent to other tools like your CRM app
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