Customer research

Increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

This is the solution for you if you want to:

  • improve service standards by responding to expectations of of your customers,
  • increase level of customer satisfaction with the quality of products and services offered,
  • build customer trust by responding to their needs,
  • gain advantage over your competitors and keep customers,
  • improve products based on opinions and ratings,
  • identify problems affecting the decrease in customer satisfaction.
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Customer research

Startquestion offers a set of advanced research tools, including:

  • Customer service satisfaction surveys

  • Churn research

    (customer resignation surveys)

  • Annual satisfaction surveys

    (containing Customer Satisfaction Index)

  • Customer loyalty research

    (Net Promoter Score)

  • Customer satisfaction surveys after purchase

  • Customer contact form

Learn more about  your customers:

What do they expect and how do they assess your services?

Conduct regular customer surveys using the Net Promoter Score method and annual satisfaction surveys. Your customers' opinions will allow you to improve your offer, increase the level of satisfaction and build loyalty.

Why are your customers leaving?

Take care of your clients' needs in advance, you will find out if your products or services meet their expectations. Regular customer satisfaction surveys will help you reduce your churn rate and verify what's causing your outflow.

How do customers rate your product or service and what are their opinions?

Collect opinions and be two steps ahead of the competition. Check what customers think about products and services that you offer them, using the Net Promoter Score survey, satisfaction surveys or interactive contact forms.

What is the level of loyalty and satisfaction of your customers?

Find out to what extent customers are connected with your brand. Respond to what is important to them. The Net Promoter Score method will give you valuable information on the level of customer loyalty.

Who do we address this solution to:

  • specialists, Customer Experience managers,
  • board of directors with direct customer contact,
  • customer service managers,
  • analysts,
  • online store owners.
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Startquestion is used by:
  • Ing
  • Danone
  • DHL
  • Ing
  • Jysk
  • Medicover
  • Nationale
  • Plus
  • Pwn