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Job satisfaction makes the employee more engaged and motivated to action. Employee satisfaction will provide you with a clear and valuable information to make your office a better place.

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The aim of the research of employee satisfaction is to cover the largest area of everyday life of employees in the company - mental and physical work environment, communication with superiors and colleagues releacji. Employee satisfaction surveys differ in many companies, but each of them has a legitimate aim - to make employees more satisfied and engaged with their work.

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Our surveys measuring satisfaction and commitment to the work contain a set of questions prepared in cooperation with experienced researchers. They contain the necessary data that each company must obtain from the customer satisfaction survey and in zanagażowania work. You can start from the place of study and adapt them to your needs, to correspond to the actual needs of your business.

Satisfaction and Engagement
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    Our platform is continually expanding its capabilities. We also care about acquiring the latest knowledge and certifications in the areas of the survey.


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