Improve patient satisfaction with the provided medical services

Using the satisfaction survey, you will quickly find out how patients assess the competence of staff, the booking system or the level of service on the hotline. Examine patients, analyze the results and improve the services’ quality.

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  • take the first steps in implementing surveys for patients in your hospital, office, clinic or resort,
  • integrate surveys with your own systems and programs,
  • prove to the board that the investment in collecting patients feedback pays off.

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Discover the benefits of collecting Patient Feedback

Continuous monitoring of patient satisfaction

Thanks to the available analytical tools, you can keep track of trends and compare patient satisfaction in individual medical facilities, as well as verify which doctors get the highest marks.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the offer

Get constructive feedback that will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your offer. Eliminate errors on an ongoing basis to meet patients' expectations and guarantee the highest level of medical services.

Quick contact with many patients

Use ready-made survey templates and quickly examine patient satisfaction at every stage of contact with the facility (online registration, communication with the hotline/reception, visit a specialist) to collect as much valuable information as possible.

What our customers are saying

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After many recommendations, we tested Startquestion, which turned out to be easy to use and flexible survey software. We appreciate the customer support team’s high quality, reaction time, and patience. Startquestion helps us in many feedback-related use cases, and we see more users and departments actively using it for their purposes.

Krzysztof Gabruk

Customer Experience Chapter Leader at Santander Bank Poland

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Startquestion features usefeul for collecting Patient Feedback

Personalizing the survey for each patient

Patients count on your attention and care. Send personalized invitations to participate in the satisfaction survey and customized questionnaires. Remember about the appropriate layout and create a pleasant survey.

Quick feedback from a specific patient

Satisfaction surveys can be anonymous or public. Identifying the respondent will allow you to contact a dissatisfied patient quickly. Thanks to this, you can solve the reported problem or obtain in-depth feedback.

Automatic sending of questionnaires

Choose the optimal questionnaire distribution for a specific group of patients (e-mail, SMS, link, QR code, questionnaire on the website). Send survey invitations from your SMTP mail server to minimize the risk of getting stuck in spam.

A comprehensive analytical module

The collected opinions are only the first step toward improving patient satisfaction. Use analytical tools to follow trends, create rankings of the best facilities or medics, and filter the collected feedback helpfully.

Access to live results and reports

Share feedback with your team. Create LIVE reports with the current preview of research results and elegant (cyclical/occasional) reports for superiors, e.g. in the form of a readable PDF. Set up alerts to immediately inform support about negative patient feedback.

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