Why Is Employee Training Not Bringing the Expected Results?

Conduct post-training surveys, collect results quickly and create reports that are easy to conclude. Make sure you are investing in the proper training for your employees.

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Discover the benefits of running training assessments in your company

Objective assessment of the organizer and offer

Is the knowledge gained during the training useful and develops employees? Whether you conduct the training internally or hire a company for it, the survey will allow you to get an objective opinion about their course.

Trend monitoring

By conducting the training assessment, you keep your finger on the pulse and can react to any drop in satisfaction on an ongoing basis. Get rid of training that does not fulfil their tasks, bores or irritates employees.

Information on which training to invest

Whether a popular topic or competitors conduct such training should not be a premise for business decisions. Nobody will give you such valuable data on the profitability of training investments as the participants themselves.

An offer that will meet your expectations

In the survey, you receive precise data on the evaluation of specific training and suggestions for changes and topic proposals. Instead of imposing an offer, find out what employees want to learn.

Startquestion features useful in running training assessements

One survey for many trainings

Are you responsible for many different pieces of training? It does not mean you must prepare a training assessment separately for each. Save your time and effort thanks to the display rules available in Startquestion. At the creation stage, decide what question or part of the survey goes to specific employees and get information about a trainer or training company.

Convenient test delivery

Send the questionnaire to the employees’ email or choose another form convenient for the participants and the organizer, e.g. a QR code displayed on the presentation, a link to the survey sent to a company messenger or SMS.

Thanks to the possibility of sending the questionnaire from your mail server, you can also be sure that mailing questionnaires after the training will not go to SPAM.

Trend monitoring

One of the features of Startquestion is trends that will give you a picture of how the training assessment or its elements has changed over time. Charts are legible and ready for presentation to the board and team.

Results shared with one click

The training organisation is an undertaking for which more than one person is responsible. Startquestion allows you to work together on a projectshare results with one click, and create read-only accounts that are made available to selected people, e.g. trainers.

Self-generating reports

A click and it’s ready – you can present automatically generated reports to your superiors without any modification in Excel or a Powerpoint presentation. Graphs and tables with training evaluation results can be shown in PDF format or generate a LIVE report with one click, in which anyone with the link can watch the results live.

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