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Why Are Customers Leaving

Did you know it is cheaper to retain an existing customer than to attract a new one? How? By asking why customers are leaving using online surveys and then drawing conclusions for the future based on the answers you get.

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What Makes Customers Go Away?

There are various reasons why a customer is leaving your business. The attractive offer of the competition will influence the decision of some of them. Others will leave disappointed with a price increase, a change in the package, a less intuitive website, or the resignation from the feature that determined their loyalty to the brand. The parting may also result from a bad experience with the customer service department or – which also happens – from the customer’s resignation from using specific products or services for reasons beyond the brand’s control. We can guess, but it’s best to find out the causes at the source.

Customer Churn Survey – Template Example:

In the case of an online survey examining the causes of customer churn, we are interested in a specific reason. Something we can quickly identify and implement corrective actions. For this purpose, it is worth:

  1. Prepare a multiple choice question with several possible answers, such as: Sorry to see you go! What is the main reason for your resignation?
  2. Then, give the respondent a range of possible answers, adequate to the type of business, such as too high a price, lack of an appropriate function, better competition’s offer, unfulfilled expectations, etc.
  3. Depending on the client’s response, it is worth asking what would make him want to stay with us.
  4. Then, if the customer’s price is too high, let’s ask what amount of the subscription would be appropriate for the customer. This way, we will obtain material for analysis that will allow us to better plan our pricing policy.

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Paweł Owczarek

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