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Researching satisfaction constitutes the easiest way to learn what is it that your clients expect and how do they assess your services. Opinions on this will allow you to improve the offer and increase client loyalty.

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Satisfaction research with the Startquestion platform

There are many methods to measure client satisfaction and many factors can impact selecting the right one. Before you start measuring satisfaction you have to ask yourself a few questions: what product/service do you provide? how many clients do you have? what is your relation with the client and on what levels do you contact the client? And most importantly - what do you intend to do with the satisfaction research results? The two most popular satisfaction research methods are surveys after the purchase (with/without the Net Promoter Score method) and annual satisfaction surveys (including the Customer Satisfaction Index). Each methodology will provide you with detailed data allowing you to increase client loyalty and to remain two steps ahead of the competition.

Measure client satisfaction and act using the Startquestion platform

Conducting satisfaction research on the Startquestion platform is quite simple. There you will find many survey templates and questions, and also you can easily adjust the survey design to fit your brand. In the Analyze tab you will easily check the Net Promoter Score indicators, updated in real time. Our analysis and reporting tools provide you with data necessary to present within the company, for example during board meetings. Thanks to our alert and cyclical report system you will immediately learn about the fact that your client has a problem and requires a quick solution - this will allow you to limit client churn in the future. Start asking today what is it that the clients think about your products and services - that is the best and simplest decision to be made.

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    Our platform is extremely easy to use. Simple creation of questionnaires, convenient settings, clear data analysis and a revolutionary reporting system.

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    No one likes to fill boring forms. We make sure that the questionnaires are beautiful and extremely interactive. As a result, they are filled more often.

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    Our specialists will advise you in every aspect - starting with technical issues up to the more factual ones. And for VIP clients, we prepare researches from the very beginning, up to the execution.

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    We treat it very seriously, so you can focus on your research. That is precisely why we are chosen by government agencies, banks, medical facilities, and many other global companies.

  • Innovativeness

    Our platform constantly develops its capabilities. We also care for learning the newest knowledge and acquiring certificates in the fields of survey research.

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