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As a student, I utilized the Startquestion platform to conduct the research required for my diploma. Designing an engaging and visually appealing questionnaire was essential, and this tool enabled me to achieve precisely that. I found the survey tool to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, facilitating my research process for my master’s degree without encountering any errors or issues.

Marta Z.

Student at Kozminski University

Startquestion offers us extensive capabilities for creating and executing direct research without limitations. The tool has played a crucial role in educating our students in research methodologies at the university. Through this survey platform, students gain practical experience conducting professional online research. Partnering with Startquestion has significantly benefited our students’ education by bridging the theoretical knowledge and practical application gap. I strongly recommend other universities consider collaborating with Startquestion.

Robert Wolny

Head of the Department, Vice-Rector for Development and Environmental Cooperation at the University of Economics in Katowice

Thanks to the Startquestion platform, I could easily create a survey for my university. Everything was perfectly presented and explained. Startquestion functions 100% meet my expectations – working with this program was one of my most pleasant student experiences. Another advantage was the possibility to contact support in case of any questions. I am delighted with the form of the presented surveys, reports with charts, the possibility of detailed analysis of my results, and the whole platform functions.

Natalia S.

Student at Poznań University of Economics and Business

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With an AI-generated survey creator, you can save significant time and effort in creating surveys. The automated processes and intelligent algorithms make it quick and easy, allowing you to focus more on analyzing the results and taking action.

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When using the Startquestion survey creator, you can expect improved survey quality. The advanced algorithms optimize the survey structure, question phrasing, and response options, ensuring that your surveys are well-crafted and effectively gather accurate and valuable insights from respondents.

Easy to Use

Don’t worry if you’re not a technical expert. Our creator is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it simple for anyone to create professional surveys. The intuitive navigation, customizable templates, and streamlined processes ensure a smooth and hassle-free survey creation experience without requiring specialized skills or training.

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    Simplifying Survey Creation: The AI-Powered Tool for Students and One-Off Research


    The AI-powered survey creator by Startquestion is a game-changer for students and one-off research ventures alike. This tool offers students a streamlined approach to crafting surveys, saving invaluable time and effort. With its user-friendly interface and intelligent features, students can design comprehensive surveys effortlessly, enabling them to gather precise data for their academic projects or thesis work.

    Benefits for Students Utilizing Startquestion’s AI Survey Generator


    The benefits extend beyond ease-of-use; the AI integration ensures optimized question formulation and helps select the most effective survey distribution channels. The AI survey creator is a boon for one-off research endeavors, allowing researchers to swiftly create tailored surveys that yield high-quality, actionable insights. Its capacity to generate customizable reports and analyze data efficiently makes it an invaluable asset for those aiming to derive meaningful conclusions swiftly.

    Ultimately, this tool empowers both students and one-off research projects to conduct comprehensive surveys with precision and ease, revolutionizing the process of data collection and analysis.

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