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Employee Survey – 5 Ideas for Improving the Company Processes

How do you know if your company is going in the right direction? Certainly, you can look at revenues, track the number of customers, see how new products are doing and how popular the campaigns are. When analyzing the above, keep in mind one, probably the most important issue: your employees. They can come up with the best ideas for improving and developing the company. How do you listen to them? The easiest and most effective way possible is through an online employee survey.

Why is it worth asking employees for feedback?

Unlike customers, they have an insight into the company. The fact that the company looks good on the outside does not always mean that employees feel satisfied with their work and are truly committed to it. 

Why is employee feedback so important? This is explained, for instance, by a study published right after the peak of the economic crisis in 2010 in the Fortune Europe journal. Researchers tried to discover the source of success in those difficult times for the business of such companies as McDonald’s or UPS. It turned out that most of the top companies on the Fortune list that year have one thing in common – the emphasis on pro-employee policy, which was manifested, among others, by conducting research regarding attitudes and opinions and implementing real changes in organizations on their basis. Based on the research conducted, it was possible to maximize the company’s potential, and thanks to the information obtained, measures were taken to increase commitment and satisfaction with the work performed. 

Research aimed at employees can generally be treated as a test or an indicator of what are the good and bad things happening at the company. Research makes it possible to quickly diagnose places and areas that, for example, require action on the part of senior employees. The advantage of online surveys sent to employees is their speed – most of them do not require the respondent to spend more than several minutes on completing them. An additional, huge advantage is the ability to guarantee the anonymity of the survey. This makes it possible for the company to be sure that the employees’ statements will be honest, and they will get a guarantee that, regardless of the opinion, they will not face any unpleasant consequences. 

Online employee survey – what type of research is worth conducting? 

The most important thing is to do research. However, as with any project, employee surveys should be approached thoughtfully. Initially, the company has to ask itself: what do we want to know? You may have received complaints about the manager of a specific department. What to do in such a case? Conduct a 360-degree survey. Perhaps, you overheard employees complaining about benefits? Prepare an online survey about what motivates employees. Or you can use a few general surveys that most organizations choose to complete employee surveys. Here are 5 research ideas that will improve your business: 

They will make it possible to find out if your company is a friendly workplace. The purpose of employee satisfaction surveys is to obtain information on the largest possible area of employee functioning in the company. The online survey should include questions relating to both the mental and physical work environment. In such studies, you can learn more about employee communication with their superiors and the relationship between colleagues. Employee satisfaction surveys in different companies can take very different forms, but each of them follows one basic purpose: to make employees more engaged and happy. 

A satisfaction survey for employees may include the following questions:

  • 360-degree peer review

By far the most time-consuming and demanding study from the entire list, which, however, will give you the most reliable and comprehensive insight into the company. Why? Because the 360-degree review is about collecting information from different employees at different levels and comparing it with the assessment of leadership skills of managers and managers. This makes it easy to find similarities and differences in your team and discover the source of problems. Employee survey makes it possible to improve your communication skills and confirm that the right people are employed in the right roles at your organization. The questionnaire which is sent to employees consists of several parts that relate to the following areas: competencies in the assigned tasks, ability to achieve goals, understanding employees’ needs, and the level of communication skills.

  • Post-training survey – evaluation and knowledge tests

Thanks to the employee survey conducted after the training, you can measure the effectiveness of employee development programs and train organized for individual teams or, for example, managerial staff, simply and quickly. For most employees, the issue of improving competencies and acquiring knowledge is very important. Therefore, it is worth checking how the training courses for which the company’s funds are allocated are evaluated by their participants. Additionally, at the end of the meeting, employees can pass a knowledge test that will confirm the acquired skills. 

  • Stress survey 

Many factors influence commitment and job satisfaction. One of them is stress – or rather, whether the employee is exposed to it excessively. Of course, stress can be motivating, but there is a line between its normal, healthy level of it and a permanent state that negatively affects health and well-being. By conducting a study examining the level of stress in your company’s team, you can find out what or who is the cause of stressful situations and what changes should be introduced.

In the survey, you can ask both general questions and those relevant to the specifics of working at your company. You can find the survey templates here. 

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This time the survey was not designed for existing employees, but for people applying for employment in the company. It turns out that such people also have a lot of interesting insights to share. Based on a short employee survey sent after the recruitment is completed, you can find out the opinion on the course of this process and also how to attract the best candidates to the organization. 

As many as 83% of candidates claim that a negative impression from recruitment can change their way of thinking about the company – even if they had positive feelings about it before. This means that a candidate dissatisfied with the recruitment process can easily turn into… a dissatisfied client. And such a client can share a negative opinion with others, on which your company loses not only in terms of image, but also financially.

An example of the Candidate Experience survey is available on the Startquestion website. You can easily adjust this pattern to your recruitment process:

Ready employee survey templates – start your study with

Show your employees that their opinion matters to you! The first and most important step to do this is to start your survey. With the use of the Startquestion – employee survey tool, you can minimize the time and effort needed to carry out a survey, using ready templates that you can freely adjust to individual needs. 

If you do not know which survey will be best for you or have questions related to the functioning of the platform, feel free to contact us. Our support team will be happy to help you. 


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