Market Research

Conduct market research for your clients

This is a solution for you if your customers want:

  • examine market trends and expectations
  • launch a new product,
  • verify or create a company strategy,
  • get to know the opinion of a wide group of people,
  • build an effective marketing strategy.
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Market Research

Startquestion offers the opportunity to conduct research using various techniques:

  • CAWI

    The technique of completing the survey in electronic form (online) - this is how questions and answers are asked. The CAWI technique allows reaching a large group of respondents in an easy and fast way. It will also reduce costs and does not require direct contact of the researcher with the respondents.

  • CATI

    In other words: telephone interview. CATI combines the advantages of a direct conversation with the respondent with technical facilities appropriate for online surveys. It is a way of collecting quantitative information used, among others in marketing and opinion research.

  • CAPI

    It is a survey conducted using electronic devices, including mobile ones - phones, tablets. The biggest advantage of CAPI research is its versatility - they can be used wherever respondents are people using electronic devices. CAPI surveys provide easy creation and automatic analysis of results - it's a great way to gather feedback quickly and efficiently.

Researches in Startquestion = benefits

Customer surveys:

  • constant access to current results,
  • legible test reports ready for presentation in the company,
  • versatility - using one tool for various types of research (opinions, market, marketing, etc.).

Company surveys:

  • the possibility of simultaneous work on the project by several people (creating surveys, analyzing results),
  • independent research creation - without having to cooperate with the IT department,
  • saving on reporting results.

Who do we address this solution to:

  • agencies,
  • companies conducting research commissioned by other companies,
  • people conducting research on a wide group of respondents.
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Startquestion is used by:
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