Top 10 Useful Employee Pulse Survey Tools

Being in touch with employee sentiment is critical in today’s fast-moving HR culture. Employee pulse surveys are emerging as a vital tool in understanding real-time employee engagement and satisfaction. This guide explores the goal of pulse surveys, reviews the top tools available for conducting them, and contrasts their benefits with traditional survey methods.

Is there a doctor in the room?

Employee pulse survey tool works like an ECG test. It shows you here and now how your organization’s heart is beating. HR specialists, like cardiologists, can quickly assess what condition it is in.

What Is a Pulse Survey Goal?

First, let’s start with a concise definition.

Pulse surveys are short, frequent employee experience surveys designed to quickly gauge a company’s health through its employees’ perspectives. These surveys help companies capture immediate feedback on various aspects of the workplace environment, which can be pivotal for timely decision-making.

So, we already know what it is, now let’s consider why companies collect that type of feedback and measure employee engagement?

Employee Pulse Check

Try out the Employee Pulse Survey – an employee engagement research used by HRs to evaluate the overall employee experience by collecting relevant feedback.

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Employee Pulse Check

Try out the Employee Pulse Survey – an employee engagement research used by HRs to evaluate the overall employee experience by collecting relevant feedback.

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Why Companies Conduct Pulse Surveys

Organizations deploy short employee engagement surveys to maintain constant communication with their employees, allowing them to address issues as they arise rather than during annual reviews. These surveys can cover topics like job satisfaction, company policies, workplace culture, and specific events like a change in management or post-training feedback.

Employee Retention & Employee Morale

According to recent surveys, companies that conduct regular employee feedback have 14.9% lower turnover rates than those that do not. Additionally, 89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins positively impact their organizations.

The benefits of implementing regular employee surveys are manifold:

Enhanced Engagement:

Regular feedback mechanisms ensure employees feel their voices are heard, increasing their engagement with the company. Click here if you’re looking for ready-to-use engagement surveys: survey examples for HR.

Agile Response:

Pulse surveys provide immediate & actionable insights into employee sentiment, allowing management to act quickly to resolve issues.

Strategic Decision Making:

Continuous data flow from these surveys aids in better-informed decision-making that aligns with employee productivity, needs and company goals.

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10 Best Employee Pulse Survey Tools

Enough theory; let’s get to the point.

We have compiled a list of ten worthwhile employee survey tools for conducting pulse surveys. It is worth testing two or three before choosing the optimal solution for your organization.

Each employee pulse survey software listed here offers unique features to cater to different HR needs, ranging from simple surveys to comprehensive employee engagement platform for more custom surveys and advanced analytics.


Officevibe is designed to enhance team engagement through user-friendly surveys that provide real-time insights into team health. It supports anonymous feedback and personalized reports, which help managers understand team dynamics and address issues promptly. Officevibe also offers features like goal setting and recognition tools to further boost engagement.

Officevibe Pricing

Prices are calculated per person. In addition to the free plan, the tool offers two paid plans – Essential ($3.5 per month/person) and Pro ($5 per month/person).

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Source: Officevibe

Workday Peakon

Workday Peakon stands out for its advanced analytics engine that processes employee feedback in real-time, offering actionable insights tailored to each team. Its strength lies in its ability to predict employee behavior and trends using machine learning, helping leaders preemptively tackle potential challenges.

Workday Peakon Pricing

For details of the offer and a quote for your company, contact Sales.

Workday Peacon interface
Source: Workday Peacon


While primarily known for customer relationship management, HubSpot also provides tools that can be adapted for internal feedback mechanisms. Its surveys can integrate seamlessly with other HubSpot services, facilitating internal communication and ensuring consistent engagement with both employees and customers.

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot is a huge tool with something for everyone, including for conducting pulse surveys. To choose a paid package accordingly, it is worth consulting Sales.

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Source: HubSpot


SurveySparrow turns the traditional survey experience into engaging and interactive conversations. It boasts a dual interface that caters to both surveys and chat-like experiences, increasing response rates and making the feedback process more enjoyable for employees.

SurveySparrow Pricing

In addition to the free plan, SurveSparrow offers five paid plans. Depending on the available features, customers can choose from basic (19 euros per month), starter (39 euros), business (79 euros), professional (249 euros) and enterprise packages requiring individual pricing.

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Source: SurveySparrow


Paycor’s strength lies in integrating employee survey data with other HR functions like payroll, HRIS, and time tracking. This integration allows for a holistic view of employee engagement in relation to other HR metrics, aiding in comprehensive workforce management.

Paycor Pricing

To find out a quote, the customers must fill out a form in which they specify their needs. In the next step, a sales representative will contact them.

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Source: Paycor


Leapsome combines performance management and employee engagement into a single platform, providing tools for performance reviews, goal management, and real-time feedback. It facilitates continuous performance dialogue and development, making it a comprehensive tool for managing employee growth.

Leapsome Pricing

For details of the offer and a quote for your company, contact Sales.

Leapsome engagement score
Source: Leapsome

Leena AI

Leena AI is an AI-powered HR assistant that automates routine HR tasks and provides quick answers to employee inquiries. It also includes a pulse survey tool that uses AI to analyze feedback and generate insights, helping HR teams to be more proactive in their strategies.

Leena AI Pricing

For details of the offer and a quote for your company, contact Sales.

Leena AI interface
Source: Leena AI


WorkTango focuses on employee voice and recognition, providing a platform that makes it easy for employees to give confidential feedback. It also offers insights and analytics that help leaders understand sentiment and engagement levels across different teams and departments.

WorkTango Pricing

For details of the offer and a quote for your company, request a demo.

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Source: WorkTango


CultureMonkey helps organizations build a better workplace culture through its survey tools that gather and analyze employee feedback. It offers detailed insights into employee satisfaction and areas for improvement, aiding in the development of strategic initiatives to enhance workplace culture.

CultureMonkey Pricing

For details of the offer and a quote for your company, request a demo.

Culture Monkey engagement survey
Source: Culture Monkey


Known for its user-friendly interface, the Startquestion application enables organizations to quickly create, send and analyze surveys. It provides a variety of templates and customization options, making it easy to tailor surveys to specific organizational needs. The tool also offers robust analytical features to help effectively interpret results and an intuitive-to-use AI survey builder.

Startquestion Pricing

In addition to the free account, Startquestion offers four packages: start ($49 per month), business ($99), team ($199) and a customizable enterprise account.

Source: Startquestion

Benefits of Pulse Surveys vs. Traditional Surveys

Pulse surveys offer several key advantages over traditional surveys that can significantly benefit companies. Let’s take a closer look at the most important ones.

Increased Engagement

Frequent surveys show employees that their opinions matter regularly, not just during annual reviews, leading to improve employee engagement and participation.

Higher Response Rates

Due to their short and focused nature, pulse surveys typically achieve higher response rates, ensuring a broader and more accurate collection of employee feedback.

Continuous Communication

They foster ongoing communication between staff and management, encouraging a culture of openness and continuous feedback, which can lead to improvements in workplace practices and policies.

Real-Time Updates

Pulse surveys provide HR with the ability to track changes in employee sentiment in real-time. This immediate feedback allows for swift and effective responses to emerging issues, a crucial advantage over traditional surveys.

They Encourage Open Communication

These surveys foster a company culture of openness, making employees feel more comfortable sharing their true thoughts, which can significantly improve workplace practices.

Strategic Decision Making:

The frequent insights gained from pulse surveys help in making data-driven decisions that are timely and reflect the current state of employee morale and engagement.

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Choose the Right Employee Survey Software

Pulse survey software is indeed a game-changer for modern businesses.

It’s like having a constant pulse on the heartbeat of the company, ensuring that employee voices are not only heard but acted upon. This proactive approach to feedback collection and analysis can lead to a more dynamic and responsive work environment. Employees feel valued when they see their input leading to real changes, which can boost morale and drive engagement.

For companies, this means being able to navigate the complex waters of employee satisfaction with a reliable compass, steering towards a more harmonious and productive workplace.

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