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We provide world-class survey solutions - gathering data, analyzing and valuable actions.

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Collect, analyze, act!

Startquestion will help you to understand your clients, employees, and users. Our 10 years of experience in internet research has built the trust of 2500 companies and institutions.

““Startquestion is something more than just a survey. It is a platform for gathering data which functions as you wish.”

Customer Experience

Take care of your clients

Take control - research satisfaction with the product, gather valuable opinions, react to problems before it is too late. Everything fully automated.

“Startquestion fully automates the process of Customer Experience.”

market research

Broaden your market

Creating a product should be supported by a number of research, in order to constantly verify the actual needs of potential clients.

"Startquestion makes a difference between success and failure. As simple as that.”

Employee Insights

Develop your employees

Communicate with the team and undertake correct actions. Starting with evaluation research, through motivational programs, up to exit interviews - all in one place.

"Taking care of the development of employees means taking care of the entire company's development.”

Startquestion software

Our clients are exacting

Do you expect comprehensive help? Startquestion gives you unlimited possibilities, dedicated contract, integrations, account care, reports and presentations.

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