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How to Built a Customer-Oriented Organization with NPS Methodology?Medicover Case Study

Medicover Poland, the quality leader in the private healthcare market, has introduced NPS as a standard in the organization. This way, NPS has become a key quality indicator in the process of transforming the company.

About Medicover Poland

Medicover Poland is part of Medicover – a leading international company providing healthcare and diagnostic services. Services available in the form of subscriptions and medical insurance are addressed to both companies and individual clients. At the end of 2016, the company provided care to 647,000 patients and 9,900 corporate clients. This points to a major success of the company, but the market of medical services is still developing – it is becoming more challenging and competitive. In order to ensure a competitive edge, Medicover Poland decided to take a closer look at the patient experience. Given that the primary objective of the company is to meet the needs of customers, the Voice of Customer programme has been introduced. This way, the company wanted to not only ensure patient satisfaction, but also gain their long-term loyalty.

The challenge: The introduction of satisfaction survey

There are several research agencies on the Polish market that prepare relevant surveys and conduct research, delivering a data-heavy report with interpretations at the end. 

However, the complications begin when the company realizes that it is not about the report itself, which spectacularly summarises the topic of customer satisfaction at a board meeting. The real challenge is the permanent inclusion of the customer’s voice and integration of customer-oriented procedures with employees’ duties. Only such an approach can change the DNA of the entire organization and shift its focus on the customer experience.

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Companies adopting the so-called customer-centric philosophy have the tools and decision paths that make it possible to quickly introduce changes suggested by the recipients of a given service. Whoever introduces them – wins, and the first step to implement them is to recognize the consumer’s needs. According to a report by a consulting company Forrester, only 11% of heads of marketing currently use system data. Companies that implemented Customer Experience programs recorded on average 17% higher profit growth in 2010–2015.

In some industries, such as retail and telecommunications, the increase was as high as 24% and 27% respectively. 

Only 11% of marketing managers use system data. In 2010–2015, companies that implemented CX programs recorded an average higher profit gain of 17% – based on the Forrester report

The solution: NPS survey

Searching for the factors to initiate a change in the company, Medicover Poland became interested in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, which is widely used worldwide. An inseparable part of the implementation of the NPS metric is the right technology – an online system that collects customers’ opinions and enables the analysis of results and the distribution of the collected feedback throughout the organization. 

While analyzing the offers available on the market, Medicover Poland met with many Polish and European providers of software supporting the Voice of Customer research. The Startquestion team offered full implementation support, which convinced the company to choose this particular software provider. 

The key to the success of the Voice of Customer project is the integration of the client’s internal systems with the online research software. This way, research processes become fully automated. Such was the case here – Medicover Poland patients received the questionnaire the day after visiting the facility. 

The first experiences with the system turned out to be so encouraging that Medicover Poland decided to move all the conducted surveys to the online platform. The flexibility of the solution (the possibility of introducing quick changes), the speed and ease of obtaining patient feedback, as well as low costs convinced the company to continue the Voice of Customer program. Currently, the research has been further developed to include the analysis of touchpoints in the customer experience journey. The cooperation was also expanded and other companies belonging to Medicover Healthcare Services were introduced to the Startquestion platform.

The outcome: increase of customer satisfaction

All employees must be involved in changing the company culture. Focus on the needs of patients requires doctors, nurses, and reception staff to treat empathic contact with people visiting Medicover Poland facilities with utmost importance.

It is not possible to introduce such a change without developing talents, inspired by the Human Resources department, e.g., launching a dedicated training program. The trainers’ effort is perfectly supported by the possibility of seeing one’s work from the patient’s perspective. In the case of research conducted by Medicover Poland, the feedback is so detailed that there is usually no doubt what steps should be taken to adjust the patients’ experience to their expectations.

In addition to analyzing responses to open-ended questions, the staff focused on improving the overall NPS result. Clear signals about the factors determining a positive assessment allowed the employees to focus on the development of soft skills. This is one of the reasons Medicover Poland decided to include customer satisfaction in the bonus systems of “customer-facing” employees (directly interacting with the customers). Individual NPS indicators are one of the elements of the employee evaluation process – and they are objective because it is not the manager but the customers that assess the quality of work.

NPS is the driving force behind sales

The impact of high customer satisfaction on the company’s sales results has been documented many times. The example of Medicover Poland not only confirms this correlation but clearly shows how putting the customer in the spotlight translates to higher profits. 

The growth in the company’s revenues comes mainly from the annual increase in health insurance premiums. A high level of loyalty, which is largely the result of high satisfaction, enables us to retain the client for another year. However, in order to negotiate an increase in the value of the agreement, the sales department needs data that justifies new price conditions.

The growing satisfaction rate is an undeniable argument, as it indicates an upward trend in the quality of the medical services offered. The annual report provided to the client objectively presents the satisfaction of the employees who use the Medicover Poland employee subscription. This effectively convinces the decision-makers to extend the subscription on new terms.  

Data ready to show to the board and management

Development must be symmetrical, so directors and managers need to be able to view the performance of individual Medicover Healthcare Services facilities and companies. 

Benchmark reports show the differences in the implementation of the new customer-centric culture and its causes. The best companies or facilities inspire others to change. While raising the bar for the rest of the organization, they are also creating best practices that can be passed on to lower-ranking teams. 

200 surveys conducted,

200,000 invitations sent monthly

13% – average response rate

All above statistics were created by Startquestion for Medicover Poland

In organizations that put customers in the spotlight, learning about them helps managers and the board make important decisions. The data collected in the VoC program allows the customers’ perspective to be taken into account in the planned changes at various levels of the Medicover Healthcare Services structure – from C-level to the management of departments in individual facilities. 

The introduction of the Voice of Customer program based on the Net Promoter Score in subsequent companies of Medicover Healthcare Services allowed the company to collect extensive customer data. At the moment, the archive stores over 150 surveys conducted via the Startquestion platform. 

For the monitored points of contact of customers with the brand, there are an average of 220,000 monthly invitations sent, with a response rate of 8–17%. The obtained data enables to transformation of the organization on many levels and in many aspects. Above all, the Voice of Customer program changes Medicover in the eyes of the patients, who know they have trusted the right brand.

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