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Employee Satisfaction: How to Measure And Improve Your Results?

In the article, you will find information about what an employee satisfaction survey is and what are its advantages. You’ll also learn about the consequences of the lack of monitoring of this modality, but also about the proposed by the Startquestion solutions of this problem, using the tools offered by the service.

One of the most valuable assets of any company is the people who work in it, which is to build brand image and make that the company is functioning the right way. A lot of research argues that the best companies on the market are those whose professional activity is treated by the employees not only as a source of income and pleasure.

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For this reason, striving to provide friendly and satisfactory conditions of work should be one of the priorities of the company.

Why does employee satisfaction survey is so important?

The results of this type of research give us a very clear picture of the situation in the company. Allows You to, among other things, to know the worker’s opinion about the workplace and make it easier to diagnose the conflict within the organization, but also the strengths and weaknesses of the company from the point of view of its employees.

Thanks to the employee satisfaction survey, we can check the critical areas, which cause the departure of valuable employees but also gain information on the development needs of subordinates or the corresponding system of motivation. Observed in studies of differences in the expectations and needs of workers in relation to what offers translates also to a possible low level of involvement of the subordinates in the professional activity or the low level of implementation of the tasks entrusted.

In summary: satisfaction survey subordinates tells us about the current level
 of satisfaction employed by us persons and at the same time, about what to do to this satisfaction to raise and maintain at a satisfactory level.

It’s Important to keep in mind that employee satisfaction is not a luxury, but the condition of his creativity, engagement, and loyalty, and the subordinate satisfaction translates into customer satisfaction and profits of the company.

With what associated is a low level of employee satisfaction?

The shortest answer is — low level of employee satisfaction = low motivation and commitment of the employee assigned to its duties. This is understandable, as you can give it everything in the place in which, to put it mildly, does not feel the best? External indicators of low employee satisfaction often also increase the frequency and length of their absence, which, after all, means a loss for the company.

Little satisfactory work often is also the reason for the search of the new, which will be more satisfactory — in particular as regards employees with high self-esteem and also high competence. What will the position of our company and the prospect of its development when all the best “escape” to the employer, that outside of the fair salary will give them satisfactory conditions for the exercise of their official duties?

Where does employee satisfaction come from?

The satisfaction of employees consists of a variety of factors, IE. wages, relationships with superiors, fellow, development opportunities, expectations of the conscious and unconscious, participation in the life of the company, the importance, and the complexity of the task at hand, and personality factors such as. values, temperament, or the level of aspiration.

To the level of satisfaction of our subordinates was high — the discrepancy between what they expect from us and what we offer to them should be as small as possible.

How to reduce this discrepancy?

There are a number of methods used to improve employee satisfaction — from cash prizes through promotion opportunities, improve communication in your company, or business purposes to be correlated with the objectives of the employee. However, to know whether raising employee satisfaction requires actually our work (and in which area), or the satisfaction of a need to “only” keep, we must first find out what the level of this modality currently represents our subordinates.

How can we find out about the current level of satisfaction of our employees?

The best from themselves. In what way? You can, of course, interview any of the employees, but: is it not too time-consuming and, above all, whether face to face with the employer a subordinate actually confesses that “something does not match in the company”?

So may You want to take the survey? In this way, we solve both problems, and even way of analyzing the data collected and their repetition becomes much easier and more convenient-especially if we will use an online survey (this is us cost reduction print-related surveys, in addition, so we take care of nature).

What to ask when carrying out satisfaction survey employees?

The best here take advantage of all the indicators that affect employee satisfaction from the aspects of formal (i. e. obtained salary or promotion, the validity of the task at hand), by the physical aspects (i. e. aesthetics of the workplace or the presence of required tools) into the atmosphere (i. e., communication and contact with superiors and colleagues) and the expectations associated with the self-development (i. e. the possibility of training or qualifications). In this way, we get full information on employee satisfaction in different areas and we know what we still need to do some work. It is important to keep in mind the time to control the level of satisfaction of subordinates by repeat testing and possible changes to increase customer satisfaction.

Some examples of valuable surveys used in the employee satisfaction survey You will find in our section with examples of polls:

How to measure employee satisfaction with Startquestion?

Startquestion gives us a choice, either we create the entire survey from scratch, according to your own ideas and preferences, or use one of the specially prepared for this purpose templates that in any way we can modify and adjust to Your own needs, so even more increased is the speed and convenience of conducted research.

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