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How to Increase Customer Satisfaction [Santander Bank Case Study]

Using online surveys and the collected feedback, Santander Bank Poland pursues its mission to become the best retail and business bank in the country. As part of this mission, the bank provides the best experience for both the customers and employees.

An online survey is the best way for Santander Bank Poland to collect feedback from customers. It is their opinions that enable the bank to change for the better and measure the ease of use of services and tools to adapt them to the client’s needs. Due to the frequency of contact with employees and the willingness to learn their opinions on many topics, online surveys have proven effective in the organization also as a way to take care of employee experience.

About Santander Bank Poland

Santander Bank Poland SA (formerly Bank Zachodni WBK SA) is the second largest bank in Poland in terms of assets, offering solutions for individuals as well as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporations. The organisation serves 5 million customers and employs 12,253 employees, working in over 700 branches throughout the country. The main goal of the bank is to help people fulfil their dreams, carry out their plans and achieve their goals.

Our mission:

We help clients succeed every day.

Our vision:

To be the best retail and business bank that enjoys the lasting loyalty of employees, customers, communities, and shareholders.

Santander Bank Poland

The challenge: fast and effective customer satisfaction surveys

finding a fast and effective method for conducting customer satisfaction surveys, collecting feedback on the functioning of online banking, and conducting regular employee surveys. 

The main goal of conducting research in the form of an online survey was for Santander Bank Poland SA to collect regular and quantitative feedback from the users of their website and mobile application. Thanks to the obtained results, they have learned a lot: 

“We started by measuring the level of user satisfaction with individual elements of our website, such as dashboard, transfer, history, etc. The collected metrics allowed us to set priorities for changes.” – Krzysztof Gabruk, Customer Experience Chapter Leader

Why did the organization choose an online survey as the primary method of collecting feedback?

“We select tools according to the set goal, depending on what we want to learn and what business problem we want to solve. An online survey is fast – both in terms of creating it and analyzing results. We often ask employees and customers for feedback and this tool simply works.”

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The solution: intuitive tool for creating online surveys

which enables to conduct various research – to measure both employee and customer satisfaction, as well as evaluate the usability and functioning of the system.

The choice of Startquestion as a platform for creating online surveys was not a coincidence. The bank made this decision based on recommendations received from an organization from the same industry, which previously used the solutions offered on the platform in the field of customer and employee research. 

“After we had received recommendations, we gave Startquestion ago and it turned out to be a user-friendly and flexible tool. At this point, it fully meets our needs, and what’s more – we are trying out more advanced applications, such as an integration with the transaction system.” 

Krzysztof Gabruk, Customer Experience Chapter Leader

The first online research to meet the goals set by Santander Bank Poland SA focused on collecting quantitative feedback at regular intervals. It usually took the form of anonymous surveys measuring customer satisfaction with the services. 

“We use surveys to collect satisfaction metrics such as Net Promoter Score and SAT NET. We also measure the ease of use of our processes, for example with Customer Effort Score surveys, and we conduct UX research, e.g., using UEQ, SUS metrics, etc.” – said Customer Experience Chapter Leader

As mentioned earlier, the bank’s challenge was also to regularly collect employee insight. Santander Bank Poland uses online surveys within the organization, for example, to evaluate internal events or when choosing a location for integration trips. Thanks to online surveys, it is possible to quickly collect feedback from employees located in branches throughout the country and make more accurate decisions using the data provided. 

The outcome: boost of customer satisfaction

change of priorities, and improving the intuitive operation of the website based on the collected feedback.

By conducting regular (quarterly) online surveys, Santander Bank Poland SA can constantly monitor changes in the level of satisfaction or usability, e.g., of mobile banking. Based on this data, the services offered are constantly improved and changed.

“Listening to the customer’s voice is our daily practice.”

Krzysztof Gabruk, Customer Experience Chapter Leader

In addition to setting priorities for improvements, Santander Bank Poland obtained a lot of information from the feedback given in the comments to the surveys:

“Answers to open-ended questions gave us a lot of tips on how to improve the operation of websites. We could also learn what features are missing from the users’ perspective.”- said Krzysztof Gabruk

Online surveys are not only a way to learn opinions about the existing products or services. At Santander Bank Poland SA, they are also used to evaluate concepts and prototypes of future services.

When using Startquestion, the intuitive operation of the platform and the wide possibilities of creating surveys were of great importance. Some of the platform’s functions were also crucial for the research conducted by Santander Bank Poland:

“Among the possibilities offered by the platform, we must be able to easily create conditional questions, use a company domain and adjust the layout (the appearance of the questionnaires) to our specific needs. We also appreciate the ability to create sub-accounts that allow more experts to work with the tool and view research results simultaneously.”

Plans for the future: collecting more customer feedback

ongoing research and extension of its scope, e.g., to collect feedback from logged-in users. 

Santander Bank Poland appreciates the cooperation with the Startquestion platform, not only in terms of the research opportunities offered:

“We appreciate the professionalism and swift response of the support team, as well as patience. Startquestion is useful in many contexts and more and more employees and entire departments use it.”

Krzysztof Gabruk, Customer Experience Chapter Leader

Therefore, the plans for the future include continued research and extending it with new directions. Among the novelties, there is certainly research on a logged-in user, carried out by installing a selected environment in the bank. 

You can read more about the mission, plans, and activities of Santander Bank Poland on their website:

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