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Telepizza – What Is the Recipe for Success With Qualitative Customer Data [Case Study]

Thanks to customer satisfaction surveys, the international chain of pizza restaurants ensures the right temperature of relations with customers ordering a pizza with delivery, confirming the marketing strategy and directions of product offer development.

About Telepizza

In 1988, Cuban entrepreneur Leopoldo Fernández Pujals opened the first Telepizza restaurant on the outskirts of Madrid, giving rise to today’s network of around 1,300 pizza restaurants around the world, including in Spain, Portugal, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. The brand, present in Poland since 1992, brings together nearly 120 restaurants in 70 cities. 

The challenge: receive up-to-date feedback in no time

Over the last 25 years, the eating habits of in Poland have changed significantly, as have the ways of ordering food and the range of offers available.

One thing remains unchanged: pizza is still the number one choice when it comes to food on delivery.

Most orders placed with Telepizza are made by phone, online service, or application, and then delivered to the customer. The share of online orders is constantly growing and reaches approx. 40%. While the entire e-commerce industry is facing the challenge of introducing “same-day delivery” services, Telepizza has been long delivering warm dishes to the customer’s hands within a few dozen minutes from placing an order. As the temperature of the food is crucial for the taste and waiting for the meal is the least pleasant part of the experience, the marketing team of Telepizza Poland was looking for a way to measure customer satisfaction with the order, both in terms of taste and delivery.

Decisions made based on the conclusions drawn from big data are a business standard for the company.

We are lucky to create and sell the product ourselves, and when we deliver it to the customer, we know who the recipient is. We have always had contact with the end customer. However, we were tempted to deepen our knowledge of what our customers think about us” – emphasizes Ewa Minda-Korczak, Marketing Manager at Telepizza Poland.

Thoroughly analyzed sales data reflected customer preferences, but a very important, qualitative component was still missing – customers’ ratings and opinions. 

The biggest challenge was to set up a continuous customer satisfaction survey process that would enable us to receive up-to-date feedback in no time.

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The solution: set up of the continuous customer satisfaction survey process

In 2014, while looking for the right online tool to collect customer feedback, the Polish Telepizza headquarters received a recommendation from a media agency pointing to the Startquestion platform. The first opportunity to test the system’s capabilities was to survey the new website. Only a few days after the survey was launched, customers indicated that one of the most important buttons for them was poorly visible. The change was implemented immediately, without unnecessary procedures.

“Using Startquestion we can easily verify not only what customers think about our product but also how customers find out about us. This way, we measure the power of our communication,” says Ewa Minda-Korczak, Marketing Manager of Telepizza Poland

However, the biggest challenge was to set up a continuous customer satisfaction survey process that would enable us to receive up-to-date feedback in no time. In the e-mail with the confirmation of the online order, there is a button “Rate our product and service”, directing to the survey. The questions in the survey concern the frequency of orders, the method of ordering and collection, evaluation of the delivery service (time, compliance of the product with the order, temperature of the pizza), evaluation of the delivery person or premises, quality of the pizza, suggestions for changes, willingness to make future orders, intention to recommend the brand, as well as factors in the choice of Telepizza and viewing the brand’s marketing materials. 

The outcome: higher level of service provided by entire Telepizza network

TV, radio, press, leaflets, or online advertising – customer data confirms the effectiveness of the selected marketing strategy and enables to choose the best channels to reach customers. Above all, the collected feedback revolves around the most important topic – the round Italian pizza. The thickness and taste of the dough, the quality and quantity of the ingredients used, the degree of baking, and the temperature of the delivered food are the key factors in the customer’s experience of the brand. In one study on a newly introduced pizza, customers suggested that the max size pizza should be slightly thicker and larger. As suggested by the customers, it was decided to use dough with a higher grammage, which supported the abundance of ingredients on the surface of a pizza that was over 40 cm wide. 

Customers’ feedback enables them to shape the offer in line with their culinary expectations. One of the popular pizzas returned to the autumn menu, as the consumers themselves demanded it. Online surveys were also used in many product tests – by the so-called Telepizza experts. A selected group of regular customers received two new proposals for the test, which made it possible to improve the recipe and to include in the offer only those approved by the Experts.

Startquestion allows us to better care for the high level of service our entire network provides. We test not only the product but also the image and service. That’s why feedback on the delivery and the quality of customer service on the premises is very important to us. We know that the success of our business depends largely on the people.” – sums up Ewa Minda-Korczak. 

Development opportunities 

1. Including other touchpoints in the survey: orders by phone, mobile application, orders in restaurants;

2. Using SMS messaging to measure satisfaction with telephone orders;

3. Using the Net Promoter Score question to assess satisfaction, willingness to recommend the brand and make future orders within one question;

4. Segmentation of responses into the following groups: critics, neutral, and promoters;

5. Applying three strategies for further communication in each group – closing the loop for the critics, engaging the neutral, and using the promoters to recommend the brand;

6. Introducing restaurant identification and monitoring the performance of each restaurant separately;

7. Including the NPS results in the employee motivation system. 

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