Top 6 Customer Survey Tools in 2022

Why we want to talk about the best customer survey tools in 2022? There are many reasons. Online businesses are acknowledging the fact that if you want to excel and lead in this digital world, you will have to base your strategies on the power of analysis and through the wealth of information.

But there is another major part that can not be neglected and that is customer contentment. That is why more and more businesses are looking into ways to gather and foresee customers’ feedback by engaging in different areas of services.

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People want to be heard and when a brand allows them to come in fourth to share their valuable thoughts on the products, they feel valued and obliged. It goes in the same way either they want to show their love for the product or have some suggestions for improvement. In recent days, every customer survey tool has made it pretty simple, easy, and effective to gather all this valuable information in the form of compact data.

Brands and businesses are investing in customer survey software for the best reasons and that is why we have brought a list of the top 6 Customer Survey Tools to take advantage of in the year 2022.

On our best customer feedback platforms list, you can find both our tool and our competitors which next we are proud to be standing. One thing is sure – in this article, we want to show you how easy it is to start collecting customer feedback and listen to customers’ voices when you have a good online survey tool. Let’s start! 

1.       Startquestion

We hope you are not surprised that the list of the best survey tools we’ve started from our own Startquestion. For almost 15 years we have been working hard to provide researchers with the best possible software to collect customer data easily and effectively. We are aware that one of the biggest concerns that may arise while designing a customer survey is how to manage the information, categorize it and make it worth understanding without a hassle. You can enjoy all these perks while having Startquestion at your disposal to create unlimited surveys.

Startquestion is primarily a customer survey tool that covers other domains like employee insights, user research, and market-based research. Businesses can easily compile the customer survey forms and send them out while optimizing a range of easy-to-use employee and customer feedback templates.

Once the data is received, it is sorted and saved into the database which you can access through a smart user interface and dashboard. You can assess the data by applying different parameters and see the performance of a survey in real-time. The customer support is far excellent, making it one of the best customer survey tools.

2.       SurveyMonkey

Next, on our list of the best customer survey tools is Survey Monkey. Due to its simple design, effective handling, and low to no tech knowledge required features, this software has a high value for startups and SMBs. Big brands are using Survey Monkey not only as a customer survey software but to collect information following a brand event and for employee insights.

Survey monkey is suggested for the basic and uncomplicated types of online surveys. There are not many advanced features to replicate complex data. It can provide you assistance in creating a standard customer survey form where you can be advantageous with question suggestions and optimization features.

Tracking, reporting, integration with CRMs, and linking with social platforms are notable features that make it stand on the list of best online satisfaction survey tools.

3.       SurveyLab

Survey Lab can be categorized as a good alternative to SurveyMonkey, offering all the same features, with some added benefits of multi-languages support, branded questionnaire, question library, and mobile survey support with audio, video, and image optimization.

Survey Lab is an online survey tool suitable for any type of business regardless of any size. It comes with an upgradable capacity where you can add more features as per your business requirement by opting for a professional package. The professional pack offers unlimited survey responses, with software integrations and data uploading all at a decent monthly fee. Survey Lab can leverage the growth of a brand or emerging business with the right tools employed in customer survey software.

4.       HelloNext

When there is a need to get user-generated feedback while product development and beta testing, HelloNext is the online survey tool to go with. It is designed upon the best customer satisfaction survey structure to play its part in the long-term success of your final product.

HelloNext is considered as a helping hand for developers and managers that lets them gather valuable user feedback on product features and design, share product roadmap in real-time after the implementation of suggestions plus build ‘changelogs’ that show customers all the improvements and changes made to date.

HelloNext provides a bulk feedback functionality that turns this customer satisfaction survey tool into a collaborative effort between the manufacturer and the targeted audience. Cohesive with 100+ workplaces and business platforms, HelloNext is a level next customer survey tool.

5.       Hubspot forms

HubSpot being one of the leading inbound marketing software provides its services in the domain of customer feedback survey through its premium, comprehensive, and a very handy product called Hubspot forms.

This customer survey tool provided by Hubspot enables businesses to create data-driven online surveys and let them share via emails or through your company website. Its customer care game is quite satisfactory having live chat, chatbots, and customer ticketing features.

The most prominent features which make it one of the best customer survey tools are its fast and efficient survey results reporting system and a knowledge-based questionnaire archive that let the businesses turn the collected customer feedback into valuable insights, all available on a single dashboard.  Auto routing and feedback task assignments are built-in features that make the collaboration of business and customers a healthy affair.

HubSpot online survey tool cannot work alone. That means it can be only opted if you want to have a broader marketing solution where Hubspot forms works like an associated software to collect, compile and replicate the online survey data in an action-based manner.

6.       Zonka Feedback

Unless it is transformed into proactive customer data that is used to make data-driven decisions, conducting and collecting NPS feedback is relatively simple. By sending NPS surveys, analyzing survey responses, and producing shareholder-friendly reports, Zonka Feedback’s comprehensive NPS software can assist you in better understanding the opinions, satisfaction, and loyalty of your customers.

Zonka Feedback, an award-winning customer feedback SaaS, can give you granular NPS reports like Insights, Trends, Text Analysis, and more. You can also drill down and filter the reports with the help of your team, and you can designate the right team members to handle any issues brought up by detractors. To improve the customer experience, this option is essential for taking effective action, fixing issues, and closing the feedback loop.

Which customer survey tool to choose in 2022?

In the present age of digital marketing, there is no single reason to leave any stone unturned, and integrating a customer satisfaction survey into your marketing strategy is one of the best things you can do to achieve the highest optimum level of business progress. 

The only thing to consider is which customer survey software or in general – which available paid or free online survey tools, suit best your business needs. Having the cost and budget and all the available features in mind, with a detailed elaboration of each tool there should be no ambiguity in your final selection. 

Urszula Kamburov-Niepewna
Ula is a Content Manager with extensive experience in journalism and SEO copywriting. She is a specialist in creating content in HR and Marketing research, Customer Experience, and User Experience. She has been associated with Startquestion for five years and currently leads the Content Marketing team there. After work, Ula is an obsessive reader, a huge Harry Potter fan, and a traveler who grabs every opportunity to see a little bit of the world and taste (usually more than a little) good food.